Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies

How to improve SEO through customer reviews

It’s not news or a secret: search engines also look at what your customers say about you. We explain how reviews contribute to SEO, what tools you can use to set them up on your website and the impact of negative reviews.

SEO trends for 2018

The year 2018 has just started and our mind is already on seo news or trends. The world of digital marketing is advancing by leaps and bounds, what does this year hold for SEO?

Differences between SEO and SEM

Nowadays I realize that when I talk to people who are not “in this world” but have heard something about SEO and SEM, they still don’t know the difference between one and the other. In this article I will try to explain in a simple way the difference between SEO and SEM positioning. Let’s start by defining them.

Email automation

It consists of creating automated and personalized email marketing strategies for the user. So-called drip campaigns can be created, where a target is set and a series of emails will be sent depending on the user’s actions. We see an example whose objective is…

ASO Guide: optimize your mobile application in app stores

In our series of articles on mobile marketing, we talk about mobile application optimization. ASO is the acronym used for App Store Optimization and is used to optimize your app in the various app stores. Do you want to know how to apply this knowledge? Continue reading…

Campaigns that go beyond the Internet wall

The process of humanization of online marketing is the path that a company should follow to enhance the most emotional aspects of its campaigns, so that it achieves much more than customer satisfaction.

What are the big trends expected for 2017 in e-commerce?

The year 2016 is coming to an end, leaving behind twelve months marked by relevant political, economic and social changes at a global level. E-commerce has also undergone intense changes, but possibly not as many as some expected. A number of e-commerce trends were predicted to land and consolidate, but only a few of them have been firmly realized….

Optimization of the product pages of an online store

The optimization of product sheets is a very important issue that we must study carefully. When we talk about optimization, we refer to the fact of preparing something, in detail, with the objective of achieving a certain optimal situation that offers the expected results and performance.

How to design conversion-oriented landing pages

Users who arrive at landing pages are potential customers with a high probability of generating a conversion. As the name of these pages indicates, this is the first page the user visits in the entire site, i.e., the page where the user lands. To do so, they had to click on a link from third-party sites:

Google Trends: how to use it in online marketing strategies

Google Trends is a simple and free tool that can be very useful during the research phase of any online marketing strategy. In this post we present some examples of how to exploit their different functionalities and put them at the service of our particular interest: How to use Google Trends in SEM Campaigns Whether […]

How to promote your APP so that it does not remain in oblivion

There is no doubt that apps are in fashion, it is nothing new, the figures speak for themselves with thousands of applications downloaded daily and millions of users using them. This is the kind side of this story, the not so kind side is when we put all the efforts and money in implementing an […]

Affiliate networks to promote websites

Affiliate networks are platforms that bring together a large number of websites, commonly called publishers, where advertisers can place their ads for a certain amount. The main actors in this system are: Advertisers: are users who want to advertise their web pages and pay for such advertising. Affiliates: they are the owners of the websites […]