Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies

Russia’s social media strategy

We have already mentioned that a large proportion of Russian Internet users prefer to use their country’s own portals and social networks to keep in touch with their friends, acquaintances or relatives on the Internet. With this article we intend to delve a little deeper into this topic.

How to plan promotions in your online store

  Promotions are a great sales tool that will help you increase the turnover of your online store. In this article you will find the information you need to design your first promotional actions and measure the results obtained. An online store that never applies any type of promotion can project an image of abandonment […]

Mystery campaigns to boost your online store openings

If you are thinking of setting up an online store, your to-do list before publishing your new e-commerce site may look something like this: Product sourcing Install e-commerce platform Register products Configure payment methods Contract and configure shipping modes Publish In these pre-publication to-do lists it is rare to find the task “Get visitors for […]

How to start an online store on your own without perishing in the attempt

We are not yet fully aware of it, but today we are living the beginnings of the golden age of e-commerce. Rarely have we seen annual turnover growth of 25%, and this figure is even more impressive in the current economic climate. It all started with the cheapening of computer equipment. Few of us remember […]

Comments in online stores: tips to sell more

According to the ONTSI (National Telecommunications and Information Society Observatory) study on e-commerce, the lack of trust is one of the main factors preventing a large number of potential customers from buying through e-commerce. The more trust you generate, the more you will sell in your online store. In any area of life, when we […]

Social media strategy for new e-commerce

You have finally made up your mind. You’re going to jump in the pool. You will put into practice what you do best – your product – at the disposal of others: you will open your own e-commerce! You’re just starting out, we know. Your ecommerce is new and you are hardly known beyond your […]

MailChimp: e-mail marketing campaigns

Here is a small manual on how to use the MailChimp tool for e-mail marketing. MailChimp is a very complete tool that provides valuable e-mailing information in its free version.
To start working with MailChimp…

The best viral campaigns of 2013

There are only a few days left in 2013, and it is time to look back and take a brief look back over the year. Therefore, we have compiled this short list with the best viral videos of 2013. We have limited the list to those videos that are part of a communication campaign. That […]

How to make a newsletter

A newsletter is a publication that is used to periodically inform about news or to send information of interest to a group of people who have previously subscribed to it. Applied to companies, we can describe it as a publication that is regularly distributed via e-mail,…

How to define user profiles for a website

First of all, we must distinguish between the term “personas” in Spanish and “people” in English. We refer to the latter when we talk about user profile models, which we do not know if they exist in reality but have the characteristics shared by a group of users of the same profile.

The importance of standardization in online marketing

Before we talk about Web standardization, we must be clear about what standardization is and what it consists of. A little history of standardization Throughout the history of mankind, human beings have lived in groups, which eventually evolved into complex societies. Given our social nature, in which relationships with others is one of the cornerstones […]

Blogs: the most human communication in the company

The great boom experienced by social networks in recent years has meant that the validity of the true precursor of the Web 2.0 model – the blog – as a channel for interaction between companies and target audiences is now being questioned. Faced with the urgent need for any company to rationalize resources, it could […]

Five reasons to invest in web positioning

In order to bet on a market or product our SWOT matrix must show us a greater number of opportunities than threats together with a greater number of strengths than weaknesses. Search engine promotion is still one of those strategies where there are a great number of opportunities and strengths. Some of these are discussed […]