Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies

Real estate marketing on the Internet: the fight for my market niche

Although the real estate offer is concentrated in large vertical search engines that bring together a large number of properties, local real estate websites emerge that through a great depth of information, a greater adaptation to the profiles of their clientele and a more refined use of online marketing tools such as the organic search […]

The immutable laws of search engine optimization marketing

Search engine optimization, despite being a new tool, is based on some of the marketing laws most commonly used to explain the success or failure of companies’ marketing strategies: the immutable laws of marketing. The 22 immutable laws of marketing are the fruit of 25 years of experience of consultants Al Ries and Jack Trout, […]

How to apply Pareto’s Law to improve Web positioning

The Pareto Principle states that there are many unimportant problems versus only a few serious ones, and that in general, 80% of the total results originate from 20% of the elements. At the business level, this principle has been used to discover on many occasions, for example, that the minority of customers account for the […]

Real estate marketing on the Internet

The real estate sector is experiencing a boom in Spain. Despite the fact that several times in recent years the bursting of the real estate “bubble” has been announced as imminent, the volatility of stock market values, the low interest rates that provide little stimulus for fixed income investment and favor mortgage indebtedness, Spain’s entry […]

Much more than selling on the Internet

More than just e-Commerce, the Internet is now a strategic tool for companies. Shopping as a sensory experience Have you ever stopped to watch a group of eager shoppers in the midst of sale fever? They approach the display where all kinds of garments are piled up in a messy hodgepodge. They choose one, spread […]