Marketing en redes sociales

Marketing en redes sociales

Learn how to execute a successful social media marketing plan through the best strategies. Reach your customers and multiply your engagement.
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When the first edition of Marketing con redes sociales was published in 2011, it was intended to be a guide for everyone to learn how to make professional use of social networks. The publication was a success and copies are still being sold today. As can be expected, a lot has happened since then, and although it may seem that 5 years is a relatively short period of time, this is not the case if we talk about social networks, since they are constantly changing and offer updates almost every week. This is why a renewal of this guide was necessary.

Marketing en redes sociales is intended to be an accessible and didactic manual for all those readers who want to develop their marketing plan in social networks. Aware, as we have pointed out, of the dizzying changes taking place in the digital environment, we have paid special attention to the strategies to be developed at a global level and for each of the social networks, as these remain beyond the specific changes that occur in the interfaces of the platforms. However, among its pages you will also find the details for the use of the main social networks, their most important and interesting functionalities for companies, as well as the profile of users that are present in each of them.

First, we will discuss the rise of social networks, as well as the philosophy behind Web 2.0, which will allow us to understand this phenomenon. In addition, we will introduce the role that companies and brands should play in this scenario, and the professional figures responsible for social networks.

This guide is designed to facilitate learning for those who do not have a deep knowledge of social networks, or who have approached them only as individual users, but never from a business perspective. In addition, it is a manual suitable for the development of a Social Media strategy for both large companies and SMEs or freelancers.



  • Fernando Maciá. He is the founder and director of Human Level Communications. She combines her work with teaching, lecturing and blogging. He has published numerous technical articles, some of which have won awards, as well as books on SEO and online marketing, which are best-sellers in his field in the Spanish language. As a lecturer he teaches subjects related to digital marketing in national and international universities and business schools.
  • María Santonja. She is an online marketing consultant and podcasting specialist. Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising and Public Relations. She has worked as an SEO consultant at Human Level Communications where she started and coordinated the Human Level Training department.


  • Raúl Carrión is a former product manager at OptimizedStores. His career in digital marketing began in 2005, and since then he has held various positions.
  • José E. Vicente has been in charge of the SEO department at Human Level Communications since 2011. He studied Computer Engineering at the University of Alicante. Since 2009 he has been working as an SEO consultant and web analytics expert for a wide variety of client profiles, as well as teaching courses related to the digital marketing sector.
  • Fani Sanchez has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, and since she finished her degree in 2011 she has been working as SEO and Social Media Manager at Human Level Communications. She is also a photographer specializing in e-commerce, an area in which she has launched several businesses. He teaches Online Marketing at HLC Formación.
  • Antoni Saurina is a Technical Engineer in Computer Science from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and has been responsible for the Online Advertising Department at Human Level. He has managed a wide variety of campaigns in Google AdWords (being a certified and officially recognized user) and in the advertising platforms of various social networks.
  • Mercedes Martínez has a degree in Computer Engineering and is an SEO consultant at Human Level Communications. For years he was dedicated to web programming, but 5 years ago he met SEO and the love affair was instantaneous. His analytical vision typical of a technical profile has helped him to achieve success in SEO campaigns at national and international level.

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