Search engine marketing in times of coronavirus – Fernando Maciá in #SEOnderground

Aurora Maciá

Written by Aurora Maciá

Our director, Fernando Maciá, opened the first day of #SEOnderground, an online event that was attended by more than 20 online marketing specialists. In his presentation, entitled Search engine marketing in times of coronavirus, Fernando leaves aside for a moment the more technical side of SEO to talk to us about how the pandemic has impacted different sectors (tourism, supermarkets, entertainment, financial, online training…) and especially SEO and SEM.

He also tells how we at Human Level reacted to the state of alarm and reflects on how companies should adapt to this “new normal” in which remote work and videoconferencing are the new digital office. According to Fernando, we should not think about what we will do when this happens, but what we will do while it is happening. It is a matter of adopting an optimistic and realistic vision in order to adapt to changes as soon as possible.

Do not miss the ten recommendations he gives at the end of the presentation in order not to miss out on the opportunities that have arisen as a result of this exceptional situation.

You can take a look at the presentation and video of the talk below.


If you want to know more about how users’ search intentions have changed because of COVID-19, we recommend the article What and how we search in times of coronavirus.

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Aurora Maciá
Aurora Maciá
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