Online advertising

Online advertising

Manage AdWords campaigns during vacations

During the holidays, whether in the summer or at other times of the year, attention to the follow-up of campaigns may decrease, especially if only one person is managing them. Of course, vacations are for resting, but you have to keep in mind that advertising in Google AdWords is not something that can be left […]

What is F-Commerce?

Some time ago a new feature was announced, one of the most talked-about of the great social giant: the possibility of integrating an online store within Facebook pages. The union between Social Commerce and E-commerce resulted in a new business model in the market, F-commerce.

Remarketing for online stores

Several e-commerce platforms such as Prestashop or Magento allow you to consult abandoned baskets in the online store. These baskets are orders that were not finalized for various reasons: it is possible that our potential customer did not finish the purchase because he thought to leave it for later, because he ran out of Internet, […]

Five things you must not forget to do in your AdWords campaigns

Google Ads is a more complex tool than you can imagine. Sometimes we focus on the most specific configurations, on the most hidden trick of the platform or on the latest news announced, almost weekly, by Larry Page’s company. You may think that what I am going to explain below is basic, that everybody does […]

Countermeasures against ad blockers

Surely many of you know those extensions and plugins for browsers that block or remove ads on websites. There are many users who use them and there are many websites that live only on advertising and are seriously affected by these extensions. However, there are measures we can take to mitigate losses. First of all, […]

How +Post Ads works: sponsored ads on Google Plus

It has been a few months since Google Plus announced its new foray into the very lucrative online advertising sector: +Posts Ads, Google Plus sponsored ads. It was inevitable that the Internet behemoth would start monetizing its social network, the one that everyone is on, but few actually use. Although Google Plus is one of […]

Email marketing campaigns for e-commerce

E-commerce sales can be analyzed from the following equation: number of visits x conversion rate = sales With the following email marketing campaign we will improve these two variables to obtain a remarkable increase in sales. Improving conversion rate First, we will select a small number of products to promote. For this purpose, we have […]

How to define customer targets with AdWords Ad Planner

The target is our target audience, i.e. the potential consumers of our product or service.
When we undertake a business project, one of the first points to take into account is to define who our product or service is aimed at.
To make it clearer, I will give you an example…

Will Twitter take on e-commerce?

Today, many traditional businesses have turned to e-commerce. In addition, there are more and more stores that only sell their products online. It was inevitable that social networks would join this e-commerce boom.

Rich Pins on Pinterest: what are they and why use them in your online store?

Rich p ins are the Pinterest platform’s latest approach to e-commerce. Over the past few months, Pinterest has identified the needs of part of its target audience and has evolved into a tool for brands that want a showcase for their products and services. First, the Pinterest for Business division was created, which integrated exclusive […]

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a Google Adwords solution that allows us to show ads to those users who have visited our portal and have not carried out any conversion. In order to use remarketing, we must add a remarketing tag to the pages we want to promote. This tag is the one that will tell Adwords to […]

How to use Pinterest for business

Three and a half years old, Pinterest has become one of the leading social networks. As reported by comScore, Pinterest had 11.7 million unique users in January 2012, which has made this social network the website that has managed to reach the 10 million mark in the shortest time. If we consult the Google Page […]

Farewell to the Google Ads Keyword Tool

The keyword tool has left us. Well, rather, Google has decided to terminate its role. A pity, because it was the meeting point for SEOs and Adwords managers, where they all converged in search of the term with the highest traffic potential to use it on their websites or in their Adwords ads. But what […]

How and when to do conversion-oriented e-mail advertising

One way to attract visitors to our website or to build customer loyalty is e-mail marketing. This strategy consists of sending e-mails on a timely or regular basis informing about topics of interest to the subscribers of a website. The type of e-mail that concerns us in this article is that of advertising e-mail.

Image extension for AdWords ads

Google recently announced the launch of a new extension for Google Ads, the image extension, which allows advertisers to display images in text ads at the top of search results. Undoubtedly, this extension will make Google Ads ads much more attractive, improving the quality of the visit and, therefore, increasing the conversion rate. On the […]