Online advertising

Online advertising

Differences between Google Adwords and Adwords Express

We all know that Google Adwords is Google’s advertising program where we can create online ads both in its Search and Display Network and reach our target audience. Well, do we know the difference between Google Adwords and Adwords Express? Let’s say that Adwords Express is roughly speaking the little brother of Google Adwords, that […]

Twitter Cards to optimize your Twitter posts

According to the IV Annual Study of Social Networks IAB Spain, Twitter is the third most used social network in Spain only behind Facebook and Youtube, and occupies the same place with respect to the increase in frequency of visit from 2011 to 2012. Globally, it is the social network with the fastest growth in […]

Social media: beyond fashion

Sergio Llano at the I Iberoamerican Congress of Community Managers Annotations of Sergio Llano’s(@sergiollanoa) talk on Social Media at the I Congreso Iberoamericano de Community Managers that started today in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.   The advantage of being first is that I have all the attention, but the disadvantage is that I have all […]

Mobile Advertising with Google Mobile Ads

Spaniards are increasingly using mobile devices to connect to the Internet and according to a Nielsen study, more than 4 million Internet users access the Internet from their cell phones, making it the third most used device for Internet connection. The most consulted information has to do with news content, maps and location of places, […]

Tips to improve the management of sponsored ads in search engines

Advertisements or sponsored links in search engines (MSN Search, Google, Yahoo!) represent the most effective and profitable Internet marketing tool as long as they are used properly. Learn the tactics that make the most of your sponsored ad campaign. Sponsored links or sponsored ads in search engines (MSN Search, Yahoo!, Google) are classified within the […]

Google puts numbers to the keyword suggestion tool

Google finally listened to the pleas of many of us in search engine marketing who wanted to have keyword suggestion information in numbers. This week that wish came true. The Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool which until a couple of days ago told us with a green bar which keywords were more used than others […]

Google Adsense for search

For those webmasters who want to increase their income with the Google AdSense tool here is this informative video of the improved Adsense for search tool.

How to sell advertising on the Internet? Phrases that advertisers love

Selling advertising on the Internet requires a protocol that must be followed to the letter where advertisers look at the historical curriculum of the website in which they plan to invest. Learn how to polish those details that will make your portal get that customer’s account. A business model based on selling advertising using our […]