Online advertising

Online advertising

AMP helps to get better results with ads

The AMP initiative to improve the speed of web pages on mobile devices goes beyond user interaction with content. The project team specified some basic principles so that the ads, which after all are part of the content of the web page, would work correctly without slowing down the speed. AMP includes advertisements in its […]

Stop burning money with your Google AdWords campaigns: learn how to optimize them

Earning money with Google AdWords is not easy, you have to establish the objectives of your website, plan the campaign strategy, implement them correctly and finally perform an infinite task of analysis and optimization. In the end, with effort and dedication you can obtain excellent results and even become one of the channels that brings […]

How to surprise with personalized ads on Google AdWords

If you advertise on Google AdWords or are aware of the platform’s evolution, you will have noticed that there are more and more competitors every day. In addition, with the change of blocks in the search ads, going from three to four ads at the top and eliminating the section on the right, it seems […]

Benefits of using the Google AdWords Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool

When a company advertises on Google AdWords the first thing that is usually done is a search to see the ads. This action can be a serious problem if it becomes a habit, due to the fact that fictitious searches are being performed and, in addition, ads are not clicked on, so the CTR drops […]

Visibility of paid ads in SERPs: why you need to invest in AdWords

Until relatively recently, it was enough to be well positioned in the natural search results to receive a significant number of visits. The investment in advertising to appear in the search engine was a secondary contribution, a support rather than a necessity. Nowadays the reality is quite different, as over time the importance of ads […]

Advertising to attract Russian-speaking users with Yandex Direct

Undoubtedly, the Internet opens the door to offer our services and products to the whole world, allowing us to enter new markets that, not too many years ago, we could not even imagine. One of these markets may be the Russian-speaking market, which includes such interesting countries as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. These countries […]

How to promote new products through Facebook Ads

In order to make users aware of new items, several strategies can be applied, including tasks such as having a section focused exclusively on new items, adding new products to the front page, sending a newsletter with these products, etc. In many e-commerce platforms you will be able to apply these strategies without any previous knowledge or installation of additional modules.

How to measure call conversions in Google Ads

Google is taking very seriously the measurement of conversions in Google Ads, and it depends on it to know what happens with the campaigns and if the investment in advertising is working. One of the weak points in this field has always been the measurement of telephone calls. In the following I will explain the […]

Tips for a successful Facebook Ads campaign

Investing in Facebook Sponsored Ads has great advantages, especially for small businesses with tight budgets. With Facebook Ads you can create ad campaigns with different objectives that will allow you, from promoting your Fan page or your website, to getting downloads of your application or reproductions of a video you have published. Creating ads with […]

How to set up Google AdWords in your online store

Although it is becoming easier and easier to start an online store, there is no point in doing all the work and investment it requires if no one visits or buys from it. One of the basic pillars of any eCommerce is, without a doubt, the visits. We must not fool ourselves, getting visitors who are interested in the products we are going to sell is not easy.

How to create and manage campaigns in Google AdWords for video

As we have already mentioned in previous posts about Video Marketing and YouTube, we consider it essential to pay attention to this medium, the video, when creating an online marketing strategy. We have already seen the ad formats on YouTube and the reasons that would motivate us to use the Google AdWords platform for video. […]

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Facebook Ads campaign segmentation

The strongest point of Facebook Ads is found in the audience segmentation options. The platform knows its users very well and will allow you to use that information to reach your exact target audience. The key to the success of your Facebook Ads campaign will be based on refining the definition of the socio-demographic profile […]

Facebook Ads campaign structure and types

At the beginning of 2014 Facebook changed the way campaigns were set up to present us with its current organization. It is worth stopping to understand how this structuring works in order to shape campaigns appropriately and get the most out of the available budget. On the other hand, the platform allows you to configure […]

New graphical reports in Google AdWords

One of the shortcomings of AdWords has always been the presentation of reports, because they could not be displayed graphically. To do this, the data had to be downloaded, for example, in Excel format, and then graphed as we saw fit. The new report visualization tool is now available for all accounts, allowing you to […]

Why run branding campaigns in Google AdWords?

We call brand campaigns in Google AdWords those that are configured in the Search Network so that,when a user searches for a specific brand in Google, an ad linking to the official website appears. For example, the eyewear brand Hawkers has this type of campaign, as you can see in the example below. And that’s […]