Marketing Online: Estrategias para ganar clientes en Internet

Marketing Online:
Estrategias para ganar clientes en Internet

The book takes a look at the different strategies that make up online marketing to clarify how to establish objectives, how to diagnose problems and which one is appropriate in each case.
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The presence of a company on the Internet is much more than an online showcase open 24 hours a day and accessible to everyone: is a business unit in which many resources must be invested, to which certain objectives must be assigned and from which a certain degree of return on investment (ROI) can be expected.

However, there are still a great many companies that believe that “being on the Internet” is limited to having a website hosted on their own domain and exchanging e-mail messages with customers and suppliers. There is a gap that makes it difficult for companies that are experts in a given sector to be able to take advantage of their experience and transfer it appropriately to their online presence.

The main objective of this book is to eliminate, or at least reduce, this gap and help companies, professionals and entrepreneurs to understand the peculiarities of the Web as a medium, so that they can draw their own online marketing plan and thus find, identify and take advantage of all the possibilities of the Internet for their business as soon as possible. And this is something that starts even before having a website, at the very beginning of its development, and includes all aspects of its design, publication, promotion, operation and continuous improvement.


Fernando Maciá Domene is recognized as a pioneer of digital marketing and one of the “fathers of SEO” in Spain. After ten years of experience in the world of communication and advertising, at the end of the 90’s he designed his first website and decided to bet on the Internet.

In 2001 he discovered SEO from pioneers such as Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman. It was love at first sight, which led to the creation of his consultancy Human Level Communications (, one of the most prestigious SEO/SEM agencies with the longest track record in Spain.

Since 2006, Fernando Maciá has written three other books and co-authored six more, all related to search engine optimization, online marketing and social media. He is one of the best-selling authors in his field in Spanish.

Currently, he combines his work as director of Human Level and expert SEO consultant with an intense teaching activity in business schools and universities in Spain and Latin America, and with frequent participation as a speaker at industry events.

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