Technical SEO

Technical SEO

How to optimize the fonts of a website?

If you want to squeeze the #WPO out of your #web to the max, learn how to optimize your fonts. In this post we expose several basic optimization techniques that should always be applied, as well as other more advanced techniques that are not always advisable to apply.

CDN: when and how to use it?

Using a CDN (Content Delivery Network), is something to keep in mind when we want to improve the performance of a website, especially if we have many visits from multiple locations. But depending on how the website is programmed and the type of information it displays, we will be able to take more or less advantage of the features of this type of service.

Improve WPO with HTTP/2 Server Push

We are going to study an advanced WPO technique that, when properly used, will allow us to achieve a considerable improvement in WPO metrics for users who enter our site for the first time and without affecting, or even improving, those of recurring visitors. This is one of the enhancements offered by the relatively new […]

SEO Scraping with regular expressions and XPath

To perform technical audits we usually resort to crawlers or SEO tools that extract the tags involved in positioning such as title, meta tags, title hierarchy tags, etc. Generally, these tools such as Screaming Frog or Ryte extract a large number of these factors, but there are many types of sites and each of them has its peculiarities.

HTTP cache optimization

The HTTP protocol cache headers allow you to control how each of the file types of a web page are cached in the user’s browser. If they are used correctly, it will significantly improve the performance for the recurring users of our site, but if not, we could indefinitely and hopelessly cache content and redirects that, in reality, we want to force their update.

CSS optimization

In this CSS optimization guide, we are going to look at what is necessary for the downloading and painting of a web page to be done optimally.

JavaScript optimization

Discover in this guide, the main points to take into account when optimizing the JavaScript client code of a web site

How to manage your domain and its DNS configuration during a migration

How to manage DNS registration in a migration: Check that your website is working properly on the new hosting. Check the website on the new hosting by putting the domain in the browser. Have your domain resolve to the new IP once you have verified that the website is working properly. Modify, if necessary, the […]