How to sell on Amazon and succeed

Jorge Pascual explained the steps to follow if we want to sell on Amazon and get our potential customers to buy from us in his presentation for the 100th edition of Clinic Summit. In this post we have collected the main ideas of his talk.

How to deal with SEO based on search intentions

Iñaki Huerta tells us how search intent is increasingly valued by Google to be able to offer us solutions to our problems in its results. Read this post if you want to find out how to work the search intent and start thinking like a user.

Digital marketing is not marketing

Fernando de la Rosa, the first speaker at the 100th Clinic Summit, believes that what we say is digital marketing is not marketing. We need to rethink digital marketing, says Fernando, find out what his proposals are in this post.

Keys to #EncuentroSocialBusiness by Anaya Multimedia

On September 26 took place the #EncuentroSocialBusiness organized by the publishing house Anaya Multimedia at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica. The publishing house brought together the leading authors in digital marketing and communication in Spain to discuss the future of digital business.

The future of digital business

The authors of the Social Media collection of the publishing house Anaya Multimedia meet at Fundación Telefónica to discuss the future of digital business.

Fernando Maciá at EN@E Digital Meeting

Fernando Maciá participated on January 12 in EN@E Digital Meeting, the III edition of the Digital Marketing Congress organized by ENAE Business School. Fernando Maciá’s presentation dealt with User behavior as a relevant factor in SEO. Explore it in this post.

Fernando Maciá at the ENAE Business School Graduation Ceremony

Fernando Maciá, CEO of Human Level and professor of the Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing at ENAE Business School, participated last March 9 in the Graduation Ceremony of the 2016/2017 graduating class of the school with his lecture “Digital marketing as a critical function of business strategy”.

Fighting for position 0 in a mobile-only world: Fernando Maciá’s presentation at SMXL Milan 2017

On November 15, Fernando Maciá presented his paper“Fighting for position 0 in a mobile-only world” at one of the most important annual digital marketing events in Europe, SMXL Milan 2017. Mobile search is substantially impacting the way we use the Internet, and how we search for information, products or services. Search engines are rapidly adapting […]

More traffic and customers for your online store

When a retailer opens a new store, he assumes that it is not enough to have decorated it well and stocked it with products. From the first day, you should strive to attract the attention of your potential customers with a good showcase, perhaps doing a mailing in nearby neighborhoods, radio spots… In the online […]

Presentation by Fernando Maciá at FTVA 2017

Fernando Maciá, director of Human Level, was once again invited as a speaker at the Aragón Virtual Shops Fair, held on April 7th of this year. Here is the video and below is a summary of the presentation. Traditional” content marketing The content of a website is the raw material that SEO can best take […]