“Marketing Online 2.0” by Fernando Maciá at the Monday Reading Club of Valencia

On January 12, Fernando Maciá’s book Marketing online 2.0 was presented in Valencia. The event took place at the Bibliocafé bookstore-cafeteria, where many marketing professionals and enthusiasts came to celebrate their monthly Monday Reading Club. The event in Valencia was attended by the CEO of Human Level, who presented his book and initiated a debate […]

Videos of the presentation of the book “Marketing Online 2.0” by Fernando Maciá

On December 3rd, Fernando Maciá’s seventh book, “Marketing Online 2.0“, was presented in Madrid. The event took place at KSchool, one of the centers where our CEO teaches. The Human Level Communication team traveled to the capital to celebrate this day. During the presentation ceremony, Fernando was very well accompanied by the editor of Anaya […]

Presentation of the book Marketing Online 2.0 by Fernando Maciá

Fernando Maciá’s 7th book, Marketing Online 2.0 has already become, in just a few weeks since its publication, the best seller of its subject on This is certainly not a reprint or update of his previous book Marketing Online, but something much bigger. In a sector like the digital one, where formulas are reinvented […]

New features in Google Search

José Luis Pulpón (Google) The second digital revolution. Some call it big data, but it is as important to have a lot of data as it is to know how to manage it. The important thing is to focus on it. As everything can be measured, there is more and more data. What does the […]

Search Marketing: when SEO is no longer sufficient

We leave you with the last presentation of Fernando Maciá in the last #SearchDay of OMWeek Madrid. In it, Fernando talks about the importance of context in the optimization process and the need to broaden the traditional SEO approach. Search marketing: when SEO is no longer enough by Human Level Communications 1. Search Marketing: when […]

Presentation on SEO for E-Commerce by Raúl Carrión

SEO for E-Commerce is the presentation that Raul Carrion exposed for his presentation at the event “Monta tu tienda online” organized by the Local Development Agency (ADL) and the Department of Commerce of the City of Castalla. SEO for E-Commerce – Raul Carrión from Human Level Communications Version 1.0 07/23/2013 Online Positioning of Internet Retailers […]

Web Analytics and SEO: analysis and segmentation of traffic sources – Congreso Web Zaragoza 2013

Web Analytics and SEO: analysis and segmentation of traffic sources – Human Level Communications at Congreso Web Zaragoza 2013 from Human Level Communications   Fernando Maciá was in charge of closing the Zaragoza Web Congress 2013 with this speech. In this edition, there was a lot of Web Analytics, Development, Applications, SEO, Social Media, eCommerce […]

Fotografía de Fernando Maciá

International SEO – Fernando Maciá at GedesTIC 2013

Here we bring you the presentation of SEO International in its latest version, presented by Fernando Maciá at the GedesTIC Conference (video). The presentation contains methodology and recommendations for the international positioning of a multi-language website. This presentation shows the experience and methodologies applied by Human Level Communications since 2005 in its international SEO services […]

Fernando Maciá at the Gedestic Conferences

The company Gedesco, in collaboration with the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, has been developing since 2011 the Chair of Management and Development of Information Technologies for Competitiveness (GedesTIC). The GedesTIC Chair aims to promote and develop research initiatives and the application of information technologies to improve the competitiveness of companies. The 1st GedesTIC 2013 Conference […]

International SEO – Fernando Maciá at eShow Barcelona 2013

International SEO – eShow Barcelona 2013 from Human Level Communications Latest version of Human Level Communications’ International SEO presentation. You can see a very complete post with all the information of this presentation on structure and positioning of multinational and multilingual Web sites developed in this post. If you are interested in an experienced team, […]

Content Marketing SEO – Arturo Marimón at Clinic SEO Barcelona 2013

Arturo Marimón (@arturomarimon) of SEOcom. I’m going to talk about content marketing focused on SEO. John Deere started content marketing by publishing an agricultural magazine in 1895 and that was the predecessor of content marketing. Today, content affects conversion, ranking and popularity. Through content marketing we can get natural links and social mentions. Penguin is […]

It’s the strategy, stupid

José Llinares Summary of the talk by José Llinares, from Effective Talk at the Digital Marketing Congress for Industrial Companies. The strategy is the long-term vision. It is an action plan to achieve our medium and long term objectives. Mistakes in digital strategy I don’t know what my objective is If you don’t have a […]

Mobilize your marketing strategy

Jesús Lizarraga. Summary of Jesús Lizarraga’s(@JL_picard) talk at the Digital Marketing for Industrial Companies Congress. The number of users using mobile terminals to access the Internet is increasing. We must therefore focus more and more on this type of user. First of all, we must ask ourselves: who is our marketing strategy aimed at? Until […]

How to approach a web project taking care of the future user experience

Daniel Torres Burriel at the Digital Marketing for Industrial Companies Congress Summary of the intervention of usability expert Daniel Torres Burriel (@torresburriel) at the Digital Marketing Congress for Industrial Companies How to approach a Web project taking care of the future user experience. Usability and user experience are not the same thing. User experience is: […]

International Search Engine Optimization – Fernando Maciá at ClinicSEO – eShow Madrid 2012

International Search Engine Optimization 2012 from Human Level Communications This presentation is an update of the one presented at the Walqa Virtual Shops Fair. You can consult the post that complements this presentation and is entitled International Search Engine Optimization – Fernando Maciá at the Professional SEO Congress. The presentation shows working methodologies and recommendations […]