Just-in-time content: the key for SEO and conversion

Just-in-Time content: key for SEO and conversion Just-in-Time Content: the key to SEO and Conversion from Fernando Maciá Domene An SEO-oriented content strategy can improve not only the visibility of a Web site in search engines, but also conversion, influencing traffic and sales. In this presentation, framed within the XII Feria de Tiendas Virtuales de […]

“International SEO in Complex Scenarios” presentation at The Inbounder 2017

Trying to position the different international versions of a website can prove daunting when you target complex combinations of contents, currencies, countries and languages. Sometimes there are just no “obvious” options, and different aspects must be considered to make the right decisions to compete at the international arena. In this presentation for The Inbounder 2017, […]

Presentation by Fernando Maciá at The Digital Change

Last October took place The Digital Change conference, held by KSchool, the first of a series of events that seek to bring together industry professionals and teachers of the school with students and attendees in general. Fernando Maciá, director of Human Level Communications and professor in several KSchool master programs, traveled to Barcelona to talk […]

Interview with Fernando Maciá at The Digital Change

Last October, KSchool held The Digital Change, the first of a series of events aimed at bringing together industry professionals and teachers with students and attendees in general. The event took place in Barcelona, where Fernando Maciá, director of Human Level Communications, traveled to give a presentation on SEO. At the end of the intervention, […]

Summary of Fernando Maciá’s speech at the presentation of the Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing Techniques

Yesterday, Tuesday September 13, took place in the classrooms of uLab (Alicante), the conference of our CEO, Fernando Maciá to present the Master in Online Marketing Techniques of KSchool. The meeting, which was scheduled for 7:30 p.m., started at the agreed time. Many future students of the master’s degree and others, simply interested in online […]

The Digital Change: meeting with experts in Barcelona

The Digital Change is an event that brings together personalities from the world of marketing, design and digital strategy, which will address a huge range of topics with the most immediate challenges facing companies and is divided into three large blocks of two papers each: SEO, Usability and User Experience (UX) and Web Analytics. It […]

Fernando Maciá invites you to The Inbounder

This year, The Inbounder Global Conference, a major international digital marketing event held in different cities in Europe, chose the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia as the venue for its events in Spain. It will bring together top SEO and online marketing experts from around the world. Fernando Maciá, director of Human Level […]

Presentation: SEO as a key activity in Inbound Marketing – Fernando Maciá

As an online marketing strategy, SEO today goes far beyond positioning objectives for certain keywords and the application of titles and goals to achieve those objectives. It is a cross-cutting strategy that interrelates with the rest of the customer acquisition, conversion and loyalty strategies. Therefore, more than as a specific action to optimize a Web […]

My little toolbox – Miguel Pascual at eShow Barcelona 2016

There are small tools that make life much easier, imagine a life without lighters or forks or remote controls. Miguel will show us how he uses those little tools that are often free and make everyday life easier. Miguel Pascual, SEO & Online Marketing Consultant at Interdigital. Cloud tools: they have made my life much […]

SEO opportunities through competitive analysis – Aleyda Solis at eShow Barcelona 2016

Steps, tips and criteria to use tools such as SEMrush, Sistrix, SimilarWeb, URLProfiler or SEOmonitor to develop a competitive SEO analysis that allows you to identify opportunities on which you can capitalize and establish a winning SEO strategy. Aleyda Solis, International SEO Consultant & Founder at Orainti. Aleyda talks about competitive SEO analysis. It starts […]

SERP Tracking – Jorge González at eShow Barcelona 2016

We will see how Adrenalina tracks positions in the different markets and what tools allow us to have a more effective control of the positions. Jorge González, SEO Manager & CMO Adrenalina. The problem for us and our clients: each tool gives different tracking results. We do not know which one to use. But we […]

The tool that meets our needs – Víctor Hernández at eShow Barcelona 2016

How we can detect needs to adapt the tools to the Inbound Marketing strategies we apply to different companies. Víctor Hernández, IT & Search Manager Casa Batlló. There are some tools that are prohibitively expensive. So sometimes it is worthwhile to build a specific tool from different APIs instead of using many external tools. First […]

Campaign planning – Gianluca Fiorelli at eShow Barcelona 2016

We propose a very practical way to plan a successful campaign, thanks to the advanced use of tools such as Buzzsumo and Buzzstream. Gianluca Fiorelli, SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant at MOZ. Blog rings end up causing link building penalties. Content marketing, blogging to generate links is NOT the solution. It’s a myth: most blogs […]

Majestic SEO: César Aparicio at eShow Barcelona 2016

Determining the quality of the link profile of our website and those of our competitors is fundamental to estimate our competitive capacity within a niche. Is a link good? What anchor text ratio is right for me? Where does the competition have an advantage over me? These and some other recurring questions will find their […]