Fernando Maciá at EN@E Digital Meeting

Fernando Maciá participated on January 12 in EN@E Digital Meeting, the III edition of the Digital Marketing Congress organized by ENAE Business School. Fernando Maciá’s presentation dealt with User behavior as a relevant factor in SEO. Explore it in this post.

Web design trends for 2018

With 2018 just around the corner, we want to bring you an article with web design trends for 2018.
It must be clear that when we consider developing a website or renewing the existing one, the goal should be to balance aesthetics with the functionality of the website, it is true that it is sometimes a difficult act, but if done well, you will increase user participation and get higher conversion rates.

A basic guide to web usability adapted to SEO

In this article we will explore the basic aspects of usability that are fundamental to a website’s SEO. Although the concepts of “SEO” and “usability” do not seem a priori to be closely related, the truth is that nowadays these two disciplines could be considered practically inseparable in the web environment.

How to design conversion-oriented landing pages

Users who arrive at landing pages are potential customers with a high probability of generating a conversion. As the name of these pages indicates, this is the first page the user visits in the entire site, i.e., the page where the user lands. To do so, they had to click on a link from third-party sites:

How to improve the usability of mobile forms

Improved usability in forms is synonymous with improved conversion, since by reducing the difficulty of purchasing or submitting contact data, the number of users who manage to complete these tasks increases. On mobile devices, this is much more difficult, and therefore we must take some additional considerations into account. The subject of usability is very […]

Mobile usability in Google Webmaster Tools

One of the latest features included in the Google Webmaster Tools is the analysis of the usability of the mobile version of a website. This functionality detects usage problems on mobile devices that affect user navigation. But let’s start at the beginning…

Optimize usability and conversion with heat maps

Today I am going to talk to you about very interesting Web analytics tools to obtain information that will allow us to optimize the usability and conversion rate of our Web site. I am referring to tools that use mouse tracking to generate heat maps. When our eyes fixate on something, within a few milliseconds […]

Is it time to make Newsletters with Responsive Design?

Currently, most companies do not use Responsive Design when designing their newsletters, despite the fact that more and more people check their email from their mobile or tablet, as we can see in this study conducted by Splio. If the trend continues, it is estimated that by the end of the year, 50% of emails […]

How to define user profiles for a website

First of all, we must distinguish between the term “personas” in Spanish and “people” in English. We refer to the latter when we talk about user profile models, which we do not know if they exist in reality but have the characteristics shared by a group of users of the same profile.

How to approach a web project taking care of the future user experience

Daniel Torres Burriel at the Digital Marketing for Industrial Companies Congress Summary of the intervention of usability expert Daniel Torres Burriel (@torresburriel) at the Digital Marketing Congress for Industrial Companies How to approach a Web project taking care of the future user experience. Usability and user experience are not the same thing. User experience is: […]

World Usability Day

Today is International Usability Day. This event, founded in 2005, brings together every year professionals, academics, companies, institutions and government agencies interested in developing usable technology that makes our lives easier. As far as the Internet is concerned, efforts are oriented in the same direction, basing the structure and content of a Web site on […]

How to get repeat visitors to my website

Many times our efforts in Internet marketing campaigns are focused on attracting new visitors instead of building customer loyalty. Remember that a new customer can cost eight times more than a current customer. Find out which strategies ensure that a visitor will repeat his or her visit to our Web site several times. Increasing the […]

How to increase web visitors by copying shopping malls

Some of the strategies applied by shopping malls to attract audiences can be copied by webmasters to obtain a higher level of web traffic. A Venezuelan magazine published a few months ago several interviews with the managers of the most successful shopping malls in Venezuela. Many of the interviewees agreed in identifying a series of […]

How do you know if a change to your website is really necessary? Web usability as a source of information

You are probably among the many people who are considering redesigning their Internet site, or at least having doubts about whether the one you currently have really meets your objectives and minimum usability principles. The process for determining actual redesign needs Perform a heuristic analysis. We refer to a tool that allows us to determine […]