Posicionamiento en Buscadores, Ed. 2006

Posicionamiento en Buscadores, Ed. 2006

Posicionamiento en Buscadores, published in 2006, is Fernando Maciá’s first book and one of the first SEO manuals in Spanish.


The book Posicionamiento en Buscadores is based on the extensive professional and pedagogical experience of the founder of Human Level Communications.

Posicionamiento en Buscadores is the title of the book written by Fernando Maciá and Javier Gosende and published by the prestigious publishing house Anaya Multimedia, which will soon be on sale in bookstores throughout Spain.

After the publication of numerous articles on search engine optimization in different specialized portals in Spain, Latin America and the United States over the last few years, and the development of a Basic Guide to Search Engine Optimization published by Microsoft’s business portal, the authors decided to use this material to complete, expand, update and restructure it in order to produce a useful, practical and easy-to-read manual.

There are several reasons for the timeliness of the book. The impact that the Internet is having on the economy as a whole is growing. The evolution of the volume of business generated online far exceeds the growth of the same sectors in the conventional economy.

In this scenario, Internet search engines have acquired enormous importance and are the main source of information for most Internet users, to the point that search engine results pages are the first point of contact between companies and institutions and their potential customers. Since most search engine users only visit the first results presented, being among those first positions has become crucial in the online economy.

This book discusses what search engine optimization is, why it is important for any Internet initiative that needs a return on investment, which sectors can benefit the most from this type of promotional strategy and what are its advantages and disadvantages compared to other types of online promotion (banners, pay-per-click, word auctions, etc.).

The book also shows how to interpret web traffic data and how to build a “dashboard” from various statistics to discover what customers are looking for, and how and where they are looking for it. This ensures sustainable results that can be improved over time.


Fernando Maciá Domene is recognized as a pioneer of digital marketing and one of the “fathers of SEO” in Spain. After ten years of experience in the world of communication and advertising, at the end of the 90’s he designed his first Web sites and decided to bet on the Internet.

In 2001 he discovered SEO from pioneers such as Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman. It was love at first sight, which led to the creation of his consultancy Human Level Communications (www.humanlevel.com), one of the most prestigious SEO/SEM agencies with the longest track record in Spain.

Since 2006, Fernando Maciá has written three other books and co-authored six more, all related to search engine optimization, online marketing and social media. He is one of the best-selling authors in his field in Spanish.

Currently, he combines his work as director of Human Level and expert SEO consultant with an intense teaching activity in business schools and universities in Spain and Latin America, and with frequent participation as a speaker at industry events.

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