Database optimization

I already mentioned in another post about images and WPO that the factors that most often affect the overall load time are the images in the front-end and the database access in the back-end. Today we are going to talk about database optimization. Optimizing data access is vital to page load time, as it is […]

Optimization of images for the Web

If we want a profitable Web, it is essential to have a good performance. To give you an idea, when Amazon reduces the loading time by 100 milliseconds, their revenue increases by 1%, which means significant sums of money for them. There are many factors that can be optimized to achieve shorter load times, but […]

How to configure Internet Information Server (IIS) to improve the performance and SEO of your website

Optimally configuring the web server on which you host your website is one of the key factors in the performance of your website. Correctly setting the parameters for compressing and caching files can significantly improve the loading speed of your page. In this article I will explain how to configure Internet Information Server (IIS), one […]

How to optimize the loading time of your website

In my previous article, I analyzed how the loading speed of your web page affects SEO different measurement tools and the various factors that influence response time. In this article I will discuss the improvements that can be made in each of the steps of a request to your website to reduce the loading time […]

How the loading speed of your website affects SEO

The loading speed of a web page is a key factor for search engine positioning, since it improves indexability, bounce rate and conversion. These points are described in more detail below. Why does the loading time influence the indexability of your website? Search engine spiders spend a limited amount of time crawling and indexing each […]