Web migration

Web migration

How to do a Web migration in SEO – Livestream

If you are afraid of Web migrations, with this livestream by Fernando Maciá for Sistrix you will lose your fear of them. Our director teaches you everything we have learned in these 15 years doing migrations.

How to manage your domain and its DNS configuration during a migration

How to manage DNS registration in a migration: Check that your website is working properly on the new hosting. Check the website on the new hosting by putting the domain in the browser. Have your domain resolve to the new IP once you have verified that the website is working properly. Modify, if necessary, the […]

How to track a migration

The process of migrating a website does not end the moment we have published the new site. On the contrary. At this point, a race against the clock begins to ensure that everything is in place. Are you ready?

How to perform a successful website migration

When we think about renewing our Web site, we have doubts such as: what will happen to the current traffic that my Web site receives, will I maintain the positions in the search engines, what happens to the external links that point to my current pages, how do I make the new pages receive the traffic of the old ones, how do I make sure that the new pages receive the traffic of the old ones?