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How do I create and set up a Google Merchant account?

Google Merchant is the tool that Google makes available to all those professionals and companies that market tangible products through the Internet, providing them with a platform created to manage Google Shopping ads. Find out here how to set up your Google Merchant account.

Google AdWords search terms report: what can we do with it?

The search terms report is a list of words in which the different terms that have triggered our ads are collected. This is a complementary tool to the “Keywords” tab of our Google AdWords campaigns that provides us with the following information: General information about the keyword we are bidding on that has triggered the […]

How to develop a successful mobile strategy in Google Ads?

In online advertising it is very common to find strategic approaches with a global focus, in which all media are approached in the same way. However, the reality for consumers is quite different, as a smartphone or tablet user does not behave or usually have the same intention as a desktop user. We found some […]

Understanding the AdWords quality score

When we start using Google AdWords, something to keep in mind is the so-called quality score. We should use it as an account diagnostic tool, not as a KPI. In this article I explain in a simple way why it is important to be attentive to it….

How to measure the performance of a Google AdWords campaign?

As we have already mentioned in previous articles, there are a series of guidelines that we must follow for the correct configuration and optimization of Google AdWords campaigns. However, as with snowflakes, we will never find an AdWords campaign that is the same as another. This is logical, since each client has its own requirements […]

Prepare your Google AdWords campaigns for Black Friday

Black Friday has established itself in Spain and Europe as one of the most popular sales times of the year. Although it was originally just one day, in recent years it has been extended by most online stores offering deals for several weeks. This period is an exceptional sales opportunity, as users are predisposed to […]

How to take advantage of the new expanded text ads in Google AdWords

It has been a few months since Google removed ads from the top right. There were many speculations and in the end, this change was aimed at displaying search results in a more or less homogeneous way on different devices (computer, tablet and mobile), giving priority to the correct display on mobile devices. In this […]

Google Ad Grants, free advertising for NGOs

Surely if you are part of an NGO this article is very interesting for you. The Google Ad Grants program provides nonprofit organizations with the ability to obtain a Google AdWords account with up to $10,000 USD per month to use for running ads. With this amount in the form of advertising, NGOs can promote […]

Stop burning money with your Google AdWords campaigns: learn how to optimize them

Earning money with Google AdWords is not easy, you have to establish the objectives of your website, plan the campaign strategy, implement them correctly and finally perform an infinite task of analysis and optimization. In the end, with effort and dedication you can obtain excellent results and even become one of the channels that brings […]

How to surprise with personalized ads on Google AdWords

If you advertise on Google AdWords or are aware of the platform’s evolution, you will have noticed that there are more and more competitors every day. In addition, with the change of blocks in the search ads, going from three to four ads at the top and eliminating the section on the right, it seems […]

Benefits of using the Google AdWords Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool

When a company advertises on Google AdWords the first thing that is usually done is a search to see the ads. This action can be a serious problem if it becomes a habit, due to the fact that fictitious searches are being performed and, in addition, ads are not clicked on, so the CTR drops […]

Visibility of paid ads in SERPs: why you need to invest in AdWords

Until relatively recently, it was enough to be well positioned in the natural search results to receive a significant number of visits. The investment in advertising to appear in the search engine was a secondary contribution, a support rather than a necessity. Nowadays the reality is quite different, as over time the importance of ads […]

How to measure call conversions in Google Ads

Google is taking very seriously the measurement of conversions in Google Ads, and it depends on it to know what happens with the campaigns and if the investment in advertising is working. One of the weak points in this field has always been the measurement of telephone calls. In the following I will explain the […]