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Google Ads

How to set up Google AdWords in your online store

Although it is becoming easier and easier to start an online store, there is no point in doing all the work and investment it requires if no one visits or buys from it. One of the basic pillars of any eCommerce is, without a doubt, the visits. We must not fool ourselves, getting visitors who are interested in the products we are going to sell is not easy.

How to create and manage campaigns in Google AdWords for video

As we have already mentioned in previous posts about Video Marketing and YouTube, we consider it essential to pay attention to this medium, the video, when creating an online marketing strategy. We have already seen the ad formats on YouTube and the reasons that would motivate us to use the Google AdWords platform for video. […]

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New graphical reports in Google AdWords

One of the shortcomings of AdWords has always been the presentation of reports, because they could not be displayed graphically. To do this, the data had to be downloaded, for example, in Excel format, and then graphed as we saw fit. The new report visualization tool is now available for all accounts, allowing you to […]

Why run branding campaigns in Google AdWords?

We call brand campaigns in Google AdWords those that are configured in the Search Network so that,when a user searches for a specific brand in Google, an ad linking to the official website appears. For example, the eyewear brand Hawkers has this type of campaign, as you can see in the example below. And that’s […]

Manage AdWords campaigns during vacations

During the holidays, whether in the summer or at other times of the year, attention to the follow-up of campaigns may decrease, especially if only one person is managing them. Of course, vacations are for resting, but you have to keep in mind that advertising in Google AdWords is not something that can be left […]

Five things you must not forget to do in your AdWords campaigns

Google Ads is a more complex tool than you can imagine. Sometimes we focus on the most specific configurations, on the most hidden trick of the platform or on the latest news announced, almost weekly, by Larry Page’s company. You may think that what I am going to explain below is basic, that everybody does […]

Keyword consulting tools

Every search engine positioning strategy begins with the definition and choice of keywords. These represent the concepts with which we want our customers to identify us and the terms with which we want Google to classify us. Therefore, it is of vital importance that we choose them very carefully: a wrong choice would make us […]

How to define customer targets with AdWords Ad Planner

The target is our target audience, i.e. the potential consumers of our product or service.
When we undertake a business project, one of the first points to take into account is to define who our product or service is aimed at.
To make it clearer, I will give you an example…

Farewell to the Google Ads Keyword Tool

The keyword tool has left us. Well, rather, Google has decided to terminate its role. A pity, because it was the meeting point for SEOs and Adwords managers, where they all converged in search of the term with the highest traffic potential to use it on their websites or in their Adwords ads. But what […]

Image extension for AdWords ads

Google recently announced the launch of a new extension for Google Ads, the image extension, which allows advertisers to display images in text ads at the top of search results. Undoubtedly, this extension will make Google Ads ads much more attractive, improving the quality of the visit and, therefore, increasing the conversion rate. On the […]

Differences between Google Adwords and Adwords Express

We all know that Google Adwords is Google’s advertising program where we can create online ads both in its Search and Display Network and reach our target audience. Well, do we know the difference between Google Adwords and Adwords Express? Let’s say that Adwords Express is roughly speaking the little brother of Google Adwords, that […]