SEO consultation for website internationalisation

What results can you expect from international SEO?

International SEO deals with all the necessary aspects closely related to the visibility of a website in the most used search engines in the world.: Google, Yahoo!, Baidu, Yandex…

Developing a presence in international markets is a critical moment for any website. An international SEO consultation focuses on achieving the optimal visibility in search engines from any part of the world.

Translation and localisation of content, selection of a particular hosting space, domain diversification structure, as well as other search engines’ peculiarities and user habits in other countries are all aspects that can have an enormous impact on a website’s rankings at an international level.

Human Level has worked with international SEO for over 15 years, in over 10 languages and up to 38 different countries. We have our own expert consultants in international SEO and knowledge of the most spoken languages at a native level.

The advantages of an international SEO consultation

Your website will focus on the correct keywords and expressions

Your website will focus on the correct keywords and expressions

It will attract quality international traffic. You will obtain visitors who are interested in what your business is offering and from the countries you are targeting, through their most popular search engines: Baidu, Yandex, Google, Seznam…
Website with a correct multi-lingual structure

Website with a correct multi-lingual structure

The different versions of your website will not compete with each other in international search engines thanks to a correct information architecture. Instead, each version will focus and specialise in a particular language and/or market.
Search engines will correctly index your website's multilingual content

Search engines will correctly index your website's multilingual content

The customisation controls of your content sorted by language or geolocation of your visitors won’t affect the indexability or generate duplicate content.
Making the most out of domain geolocation factors

Making the most out of domain geolocation factors

The domain’s extension, the server’s geolocation, or the origin of inbound links giving popularity to a website will determine the international location of your website.
As a consequence, your website will be able to compete in the SERPs of the most frequently used international search engines in your target countries for search queries made by your prospective customers. It will rank in the top results for a large variety of terms and expressions related to your brand, products or services.

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What does an SEO consultation for website internationalisation entail?

An international SEO consultation at the moment of expanding your business presence to search engines used in other countries consists in taking into consideration all the conditions, which may influence the organic ranking of a website in the most used search engines by your prospective customers of each country .

Search engines like Yahoo!, Yandex, Baidu, Seznam, or Daum are just as popular in other countries as Google is in Spain.

Through our international SEO service we will conveniently advise you on all aspects involved in achieving optimal levels of visibility in international search engines:

  • Should we translate our content or adapt it entirely to the new country?
  • Should we host the new version of our website on the server we already have, or hire a new one in the country we are looking to expand our business to?
  • Should we set up the new content in a subdirectory, subdomain, or by adding a dynamic parameter that will indicate the language in the URL address?
  • Is it a good practice to detect the origin of a visitor by their IP address and letting our server present the content in the appropriate language?
  • How can we find links in a country we are not familiar with, or have little relations in?
  • What character encoding it is best to employ when using a non-Latin alphabet?

When you’re making the most important decisions during the process of your website’s localisation for international search engines, being able to count on the advice of SEO experts guarantees the ability to anticipate in each and every case their repercussion. This way, you can evaluate possible alternatives and ultimately choose the best option.

In general terms, the primary goal of an international SEO consultation is to take into account all the key factors, which may have a bearing on the future rankings of a website in international search engines, and that are employed by our prospective customers living in the countries we intend to expand our business to.

More specifically:

  • That the future website is easily accessible to be crawled by search engine robots from the target country: Yandex, Baidu, Seznam, Yahoo!, Voilá, Sapo… That is to say, we want to guarantee the indexability of your website in international search engines.
  • That the translation and localisation of content is adequately optimised for search engines, focusing on obtaining the correct keyword density for terms most frequently employed by your prospective users in search engines, and that these keywords are present in all the prominent areas of the pages.
  • Being able to anticipate the repercussions that may have a bearing on the international positioning of a website in the future, motivated by easier programming, design, presentation or content management choices. This will allow us to evaluate possible alternatives and other solutions that will not endanger the website’s competitiveness in international search engines..

Human Level will participate in preliminary meetings alongside your marketing department and your design and web development company, before the website internationalisation process starts. We will provide you with our expert advice on the best options with regard to architecture, hosting, translation and localisation of content, programming, page structure, URL syntax, content management settings, programming language choice, etc.

Besides attending these meetings, our work as SEO consultants is to generate several deliverable reports, the content of which will depend on the requirements of the website.

  • Keyword research for every language and/or market. We will identify the most common search patterns and behaviours, as well as usage statistics of different search engines.
  • Initial recommendations report, that will tackle aspects such as the selection of a domain, content customisation, URL syntax, website versions’ management by language and/or market, breadcrumb trail, control of content customisation by user profiles, etc.
  • Architecture analysis, We will check if the architecture is in tune with the search hierarchy, and whether the names of menus and combinations of terms agree with the most common search patterns.
  • Template analysis. We propose recommendations for your template designs (outlines or prototypes), with regards to heading marks, anchor texts, download order of content blocks, etc.
  • Indexability analysis. Once the website is published, we run our indexability analysis to check that our recommendations have been correctly interpreted and implemented, proposing additional improvements in necessary cases.
  • Settings configuration in the search engines webmasters’ tools: we will set up the correct configuration for each search engine, in order to ensure optimal indexing and crawling of your content in every country and language.

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