Web development

Web development

Let’s Encrypt, free SSL certificates for your web with HTTPS

Let’s Encrypt is a free certifying entity endorsed by large companies in the industry that allows us to obtain SSL certificates for our website through HTTPS without having to pay for it.
What is SSL? SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol by which users of a website are guaranteed that all data entered on the page or transactions that take place on the site are secure.

What are Web Components and what do they consist of?

If you haven’t heard of them yet, read on, because the next tag you don’t recognize in HTML is likely to be a Web Componentsince allow developers to invent labels new HTML, with their own functionalities and allow for the client code encapsulationThis was not possible until now.   What they consist of The Web […]

The HTML5 outline algorithm

Many say that the outline algorithm is worthless, as it is currently not implemented by any browser and may not have any effect on SEO. There is no indication that this situation will change in the future. However, it is very important to know it because it contains the fundamentals that allow you to understand […]

Upload custom posts and templates in WordPress

Previously we saw how to create custom post types in WordPress . These types of posts are used to create specific objects for our website, such as articles for a store, users, events or any entity we can think of, each with its specific attributes (for example, a user will have a first name, last […]

Creating custom post types in WordPress

In this article we are going to see how to create custom post types in WordPress. There are several types of posts(post types), such as pages and blog posts (page and post). But we may be interested in creating other custom types. Let’s imagine that our website is a clothing store, and we would like […]

How to create a website with WordPress II

Previously we saw how to create a website with WordPress specifically the steps to follow in order to get our hosting space, create our database and install WordPress to have a website ready to go. Now we will see how to start giving life to our website by configuring the necessary attributes, installing a WordPress […]


Desktop sharing, multi-conferencing, secure and instant file sending to friends, Webinar applications, sharing videos or audio recordings captured directly from your phone, eye tracking to perform a test of usabilityThe new system allows you to play online multiplayer video games in real time and even controlled with hand movements, log in through face recognition, capture […]

How to create a website with WordPress I

If you have ever wanted to set up your own website and didn’t know what to do or how to start, a very practical solution is to use WordPress. A website consists of a set of files and directories stored on a server, which we normally access from a browser by typing its URL, thus […]

Offline Websites

We are used to thinking of websites as an online medium, for which it is necessary to be connected to the Internet if we want to use it. However, since the Web started to become more mobile, there has also been a need for Web applications that can be used offline. In a mobile device […]

HTTP/2 protocol standard approved

After more than 15 years without a new version of the HTTP protocol, the director of the IETF, Mark Nottinghan, tells us in his blog that today the new version of the HTTP/2 protocol has been approved, whose RFC is pending publication. The HTTP protocol is the application layer header that is sent in all […]

JavaScript: the most misunderstood language

JavaScript is, by necessity, one of the most widely used Web programming languages. In contrast, its foundations and most fundamental principles are not understood by most developers who think they know the language moderately well. To know how this situation has come about, we need to know how it has evolved over the short history […]

Web development with HTML5 will be the future of mobile applications

Web development with HTML5 is on its way to replacing mobile application development with native code. There is still a long way to go before this happens, but at the rate progress is being made, it may only be a matter of waiting a year or two. For some time now, users have been abandoning […]

How to automate image optimization in WordPress

Images are a fundamental part of today’s websites since they capture the visitor’s attention towards the products or services we want to sell. Quality and well-made images are essential to gain the potential buyer’s confidence. This is even more important in online stores, where the image may be the only visual contact the visitor has […]

4 reasons to update your website

At Human Level we have published a new corporate website just a few days ago. I would like to take advantage of this situation to share with you the thoughts that motivated us to make the necessary investment to change our website. 1- Evolution of the company A website is the virtual office of the […]

Web design with prototyping

All of us who are dedicated to web development know how complicated it is to achieve a web design that meets the requirements of usability and search engine optimization and also aesthetically pleasing to the end customer. The problem of designing without prototypes For a long time our way of working consisted of preparing three […]