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The use of SEO tools needs to be done within a global SEO process adapted to each business in order to get the maximum benefit from them. We will review the main characteristics of the SEO process and will locate the tools that are best used in each phase. Eduardo Garolera, SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant at

Patricia Salgado introduces the event. The SEO Clinic has been growing and acquiring prestige for its presentation of practical cases. It is promoted monthly from Barcelona by Miguel Pascual, Arturo Marimón and Jorge González. The SEO Clinic focuses on professionals who are involved in day-to-day SEO work and who have not distanced themselves from the real work of optimization.

imageEduardo Garolera talks about the contextualization of the use of tools in SEO work, methodology in the work. There are too many tools and many times you can get lost, or you may never touch a tool that you touch one day but do not adapt in your method, in your process.

Tools should be integrated into the SEO process in a natural way. This process has evolved and has been changing: it is also different how it is done in a consulting firm than how it is done in-house.

It is important that the company and the SEO department are aligned. For example, there are services that will position three keywords for 50€/month. It’s difficult, but it gives food for thought. When you “scratch” a little, you see that it is a service that is hardly going to benefit you as a company.

You can find SEO services that may or may not lead you to a penalty, but we must think about what the client is actually going to get. What are we doing to get the best possible result?

SEO Process

The SEO process is now understood as a transversal discipline that interacts with other departments to get the most out of this activity. This collaboration involves the development of a highly user-focused Web product. It is no longer about fooling the search engine but about satisfying the needs of your users. It is a matter of developing the website so that the structure is focused on attracting traffic and adapting to the users’ search scenarios. This is not magic: it is analysis.

There are SEO consultants who maintain a secretive attitude about their activity. You have to be transparent and be able to share what you are going to do in terms of indexing, linking, scraping, keyword analysis, content, etc. And it is for these analyses that a space must be found, a dashboard that serves to gather this information and to be able to see how it evolves.

We see how organic traffic improves, the impact of what is implemented at the traffic level, the KPIs of the tools that are used, so that we can periodically track all these indicators to make decisions. In this way, we can integrate new useful tools or discard those that do not add value.

Do it yourself

The important thing is that a company has an SEO culture. This is what differentiates companies that are positioned from those that are not: that it is a common concern in all areas of the company. That the SEO expert is consulted on each of the actions taken.

SEO is just another channel. If the sales department is integrated into the day-to-day running of the company, SEO, as a source of traffic acquisition, must be equally integrated with the other departments. Combining SEO and business.


We will be able to use the tools depending on the complexity of the work, the number of clients, the return on investment, etc. We can keep it simple with Search Console, Analytics and Excel or you can expand and incorporate multiple analytics tools.

With the tools, we sometimes get stuck in the middle of the execution: but the important thing is that you provide the data that. We are interested in. It could also be interesting to maintain a wiki to place the company’s knowledge there, thus protecting the knowledge and experience in the company.

Replicates what works

If you are developing know-how, look for the success case and replicate it. What works, repeat it.

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