SEO Seminar 2018: Featured Snippets, voice search and PWAs

Aurora Maciá

Written by Aurora Maciá

Fernando Maciá, director of Human Level, exposed in several seminars focused on SEO in 2018, organized by Grupo SPRI through Garaia Enpresa Digitala, how the three main trends of this new year will be applied: Googlefeatured snippets, voice search and progressive web apps. The seminar was completely free of charge and was mainly aimed at community managers, online marketing managers, website managers and entrepreneurs.

You can explore Fernando Maciá’s presentations below:

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Aurora Maciá
Aurora Maciá
Brand Manager at Human Level. Graduated in Audiovisual Communication with a Master in UX/UI. Specialist in UX/UI design and video and image editing. She is also Notion certified and works tirelessly to improve internal processes and the Human Level virtual office in Notion.

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