SEO in international portals: Fernando Maciá at the Virtual Shops Fair

David Escolano

Written by David Escolano

A few weeks ago we shared with you Fernando Maciá ‘s presentation on International Search Engine Optimization that took place at the VII Virtual Shops Fair of Walqa, in Huesca. Well, this time we want to do the same with the video of this presentation.

Remember that the presentation deals with the problems that arise when we decide to address international markets and how to provide solutions to them.

If you wish to expand and update the information in this presentation, don’t forget to consult the summary of Fernando Maciá’s speech on International Positioning at the SEO Professional Congress 2012, with the latest information on positioning in search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Yandex, Baidu, Naver, Seznam, Sapo and more.

This presentation shows working methodologies and recommendations supported by our experience in international SEO and international SEO consulting for website internationalization.

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David Escolano
David Escolano
Former SEO consultant at Human Level. Graduated in Business Administration and Management. Subsequently, he completed a Master's Degree in Commercial and Marketing Management, a Master's Degree in Mobile Expert and a Master's Degree in Web Analytics. Specialist in SEO and digital marketing.

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