Conference “SEO and visibility of quality content in subscription models”

Aurora Maciá

Written by Aurora Maciá

On June 16, Fernando Maciá, our director, participated in the DigiDoc Webinar “SEO, journalism and sustainability of cybermedia” organized by the Observatorio de Cibermedios of the Pompeu Fabra University with the lecture SEO and visibility of quality content in subscription models”. The conference was followed by a round table moderated by MJ Cachón, from Sistrix Spain, and integrated by Juan González, Head of Marketing at Sistrix, David Esteve, from El Confidencial, Carlos Gonzalo, from Flat 101 and Carlos Lopezosa, Cristòfol Rovira, Javier Díaz-Noci and Lluís Codina from UPF.

In his presentation, Fernando Maciá describes the evolution of the business model of the written press in its transition from an essentially print medium to a predominantly digital medium. With Google, Facebook and Amazon accounting for 70% of online advertising, the media have the costly job of generating the content that these platforms then monetize, which has led them to a triple dilemma:

  • Follow the fierce race for the best audience data, Comscore rankings, page views and display advertising through content buying and integration.
  • Applying cost-cutting policies at the expense of quality and opting for yellow journalism and click-baiting to maintain traffic figures.
  • To bet on quality journalism paid for in part by subscription, but without renouncing organic growth.

In his presentation, Maciá analyzes the different models for paywall (paywall) and its implications from the point of view of the navigability (possibility for users to illegitimately access content under subscription) and traceability (accessibility of paid content for crawling and indexing by Google).

Below you can find the video of the online event and Fernando Maciá’s presentation.

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Aurora Maciá
Aurora Maciá
Brand Manager at Human Level. Graduated in Audiovisual Communication with a Master in UX/UI. Specialist in UX/UI design and video and image editing. She is also Notion certified and works tirelessly to improve internal processes and the Human Level virtual office in Notion.

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