Marketing to make a killing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with your online store

Anastasia Kurmakaeva

Written by Anastasia Kurmakaeva

The typically American shopping events that take place after Thanksgiving known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are gaining momentum around the world. And, as it could not be otherwise, they have also made their mark in Spain, becoming the days with the biggest discounts of the year in all kinds of products and services. A growing multitude of businesses, both physical and online, are joining the two-day craze, taking advantage of the pull of consumers who are looking for Christmas gifts for their loved ones, and all those who want to get an additional discount on a whim or a highly coveted purchase.

Despite the fact that businesses may offer discounts that at first glance seem a little crazy, of 50% or more off the original price, those who decide to participate in these events are more than benefited, thanks to all the sales they manage to close and the new clients they obtain. What’s more, some businesses offer discounts not only during these two days, but extend their offers throughout the week before or after.

Are you convinced?

A growing multitude of businesses, both physical and online, are joining the Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze. Do you want to know how you can make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with your own online store? Continue reading.

E-mail marketing

Use e-mail marketing to notify your customers about Black Friday

Let your most loyal customers know about your participation in Black Friday with an eye-catching message. Show them a small exclusive preview of the advantages and discounts that await them if they make a purchase in your online store during these dates. Offer them a special discount code for being subscribers to your mailing list. They are small details, but always welcome, and therefore, very effective to generate more visits and more sales.

Irresistible promotions

Any type: 2 for 1, 3 for 2, while stocks last… Temporary promotions work particularly well if your online store has a well-established presence on social networks, as they are a great source of traffic thanks to their mass appeal. In addition, they will allow you to get rid of that stock that you wanted to get rid of a long time ago and focus on offering more new products in your online store.

Limited time discount coupons

Black Friday discount coupons

Offer different types of limited time discount coupons: launch them and keep them active for 24 or 48 hours, or as long as it suits you for the duration of the Black Friday promotion in your online store. These types of offers tend to generate concern among consumers, who are pressured to make the purchase as soon as possible.

Gift certificates

It offers gift vouchers valued at a certain amount of euros to customers who make above-average purchases as a reward. Gift vouchers are the perfect tool to build customer loyalty and make them come back to buy in our online store in the near future.

Optimize your home page

Prepare your home page for Black Friday: make sure that your customers have all the information they need to know about the offers and discounts, as well as the duration of these as soon as they enter your store. Display your best promotions in an eye-catching place, so that they attract attention from the start and encourage users to browse and find out more about what you have to offer.

Study what your competitors are doing

While it is true that with these tips you are already well on your way, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on what the competition is doing, since each niche is different, and some things will work better than others. If you are totally new to this, it is also advisable to study the prices and discounts of your direct competitors. This year Black Friday falls on November 25, but surely from Monday of the same week there will already be movement in many companies in all sectors.

Make sure everything is ready

Offering a 10-percent service during Black Friday

Focus all your efforts on offering a 10-star service to keep your customers happy, as this way you will gain their trust and they will come back to buy from your online store, as well as grow your reputation and your business.

Also check that your website is working optimally. A site whose mobile version and loading speed leaves much to be desired will make you lose customers, eager to take advantage of this day to get the best bargains on the net. Prepare your stock and have all logistical aspects under control.

And finally…

Spread the word about your Black Friday campaign

It is very, very important to give maximum diffusion to your Black Friday campaign, through all the means you have at your disposal: online advertising on social networks, Google AdWords, your corporate blog, friendly websites… No help is too little if you want to get more conversions and new customers, so take advantage of all your resources and start selling!

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