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Aurora Maciá

Written by Aurora Maciá

Fernando Maciá, director of Human Level Communications, participated last May in a colloquium organized by the GedesTIC UPV chair on how communication has changed thanks to information technology. Also taking part in the conversation were Ícaro Moyano (Kuapay) journalist expert in digital communication, Rafa Rodríguez (Verlanga) founder and editor of the digital cultural magazine and Nuria Cano (Kantar Media), Social TV analyst.

Noise and communication

The colloquium began and the speakers introduced themselves. Fernando Maciá began by introducing a very interesting analogy: he compared the situation in which a village restaurant becomes crowded with what has happened with social networks .

When the level of noise increases, both in the restaurant and on social media, the effort to understand each other and to remain relevant becomes greater and greater. In the same way that too much noise can make us get up from the table and leave the restaurant, too much advertising can make us decide to leave a website.

Companies still don’t understand how to use social networks, perpetuating the “push” strategies that so overwhelm users, who end up escaping to places with less noise. People want to communicate with people, and the network is becoming an echo that does not bring meaning; an echo where there is no conversation, but saturation. Therefore, we must be able to generate relevant content that attracts users, not pushes them away. In addition, the more human our profiles are, the more engagement we will get.

Community Managers

Once the discussion had begun, Fernando spoke about Community Managers. He points out the need for CMs to be empathetic people, able to tune in to how an audience may react to a message. In social networks we cannot reflect our tone of voice, gestures, sarcasm, etc., so it is necessary to be really empathetic in order to be understood by users.

False profiles

Likewise, on the subject of influence, he opined that we should not be concerned about the paid recommendations of opinion leaders on social networks but rather about the thousands of fake social network profiles that end up influencing audience research and the opinion of many people.

Recommended tools

Later, Fernando recommended SEMrush and Sistrix as more useful tools to study competition and visibility. However, he also recommended using them with care, as they do not always reflect reality.


Fernando explained that private Facebook profiles are not traceable. Twitter, on the other hand, is a more open garden, as a tweet can truly affect a brand’s positioning when it is mentioned by a person with many followers or gets many retweets.

Multidisciplinary profiles

Finally, Fernando highlights the need for multidisciplinary profiles (technical profiles, creative profiles and social communication profiles) when generating content.

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Aurora Maciá
Aurora Maciá
Brand Manager at Human Level. Graduated in Audiovisual Communication with a Master in UX/UI. Specialist in UX/UI design and video and image editing. She is also Notion certified and works tirelessly to improve internal processes and the Human Level virtual office in Notion.


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