How to write a perfect “About Us” page for your business

Anastasia Kurmakaeva

Written by Anastasia Kurmakaeva

The “cursed” section often forgotten by many companies. Even if you have a section dedicated to “About us”, “About us” or “About us” (no matter what type you are), you probably didn’t pay as much attention to it as you should have done.

My intention with this post is to encourage you to solve this lack of your website, because, if you think that this section is boring and dispensable, I will tell you that you could not be more wrong. It all depends on your approach. And I can assure you that users visit the “About us” section much more than you might think.At the very least, there will always be someone looking for a better guarantee when contracting a service or making a purchase on a website. Hence, the image you project through this section can considerably influence the conversion power of your business.

Why is proximity so important when presenting ourselves?

There are a thousand ways to make ourselves known, and to tell the story of our business in a way that captivates the attention of our users and potential customers. We are all people. Don’t do it in a robotic way, like someone writing a biography on Wikipedia or a resume, but provide more than just data, data, and more data. It brings feeling, authenticity and, in short, it connects with the reader! Take the opportunity to show the most human side of your company, demystify yourself and show what is behind the image of the logo: your team, your values, philosophy, aspirations, motivations… Use natural language, without being carried away by empty words, and tell things as they are, without “embellishing” them too much. In the end, what the customer wants to know is not what you know how to do so well (that’s already obvious), but rather why you do this work every day, how you can help them with their needs, and why your company is the right one to do it..

Your customers want to know where their money is going. Show them that the work you do is your passion and you will gain more than one follower.

What kind of information should an “About Us” page include?

How to write an About Us page

  1. Include your physical location. One of the elements that generate the most confidence in consumers is that the business is supported by a physical address and that this is included in the information provided on the web. It does not matter if the establishment is not open to the public or to receiving visitors. The fact that a location is shown from where the professionals involved in a business work is already a confidence-building factor in itself.
  2. Integrate a Google Maps module with your location. Visuals rule. In addition to reflecting your location in writing, for greater usability you can also include a Google Maps module where your exact location will be shown on the map. In this way, users can even create a personalized route from their location and get to where you are much more easily.
  3. Include images of the facilities and your equipment. It is very important that they are real images, and not artificially created to look like something we are not. What’s more, you can even make a short video montage showing the way you work on a daily basis.
  4. Put a face to the team behind all the work carried out. Introduce your employees, the role they play and why they are an essential part of the company. Customers will love to know that you appreciate your team’s efforts and all that they are able to contribute as individuals.
  5. Includes a contact form. By doing so, you will show total accessibility and that you are open to talk to your customers to solve any doubts they may have.
  6. Offer alternative ways to contact you. For example, via telephone or WhatsApp. There are clients who need more personal and immediate treatment, while others prefer communication via text messages. Adapting to their different needs and having a person ready “on the other side” to help customers is a big plus.
  7. Includes real testimonials. I’m sure you have many customers who have been happy with your service. Ask them to write a couple of lines about their experience! It doesn’t cost them anything, but for your business their comments will be a great differential value for future customers.
  8. It includes a small chronology. You don’t have to describe every little step along the way, but it is always interesting to summarize the most relevant events and happenings that your company has gone through, and that have had some kind of significance in terms of what it has become today.
  9. Add your social profiles. It never hurts to link the social networks where you are present, so that your potential customers can get to know your company from a slightly different and more direct perspective.

What should not be on your “About us” page?

  1. Endless blocks of text. Learn to tell your story concisely, emphasizing those details that are really worth telling, without beating around the bush. Think of this page, yes, it’s about your company, but approach it from the point of view of what would my customers want to know about me?
  2. Unfamiliar jargon for your customers. If you are targeting ordinary consumers, avoid using technical terms and jargon that are unintelligible to them. By doing so, you will only create unnecessary barriers, pushing them away from you. If your business, on the other hand, belongs to the B2B model, and therefore, your customers are more professional, it will be appropriate, and in some cases, totally necessary to speak to them in more technical terms. You must know who is part of your audience beforehand.
  3. Prefabricated or copied information. Do not fall into clichés or repetitive and worn-out formulas, thinking that the customer will not notice. Don’t copy from your competitor’s “About Us” page either. Yes, it’s always good to observe and take note of how other businesses do it, but based on that, you must find your own original way to tell your story.
  4. Outdated information. Just because “About us” is a static page of our website does not mean that once we have finished writing the content we can forget about it. It is important that we keep it alive and updated with the major changes in the company, including information that we consider relevant according to the recommendations given in this article, and deleting things that we no longer consider so important.

And the fact is…

Every company has something to tell. They all have a story, which starts with a simple idea, which develops and after a lot of effort becomes something much bigger, brilliant and polished. Why don’t you start there? You don’t need to have a fascinating tour of Apple or IKEA caliber to create an engaging and inspiring “About Us” page. Lean on all the resources -graphic or otherwise- you need to talk about how you got here, putting yourself in your customers’ shoes to better understand what they want to know about you. Don’t rule out asking for help from a copywriter if copywriting and creativity are not part of your strengths.

Remember, the “About Us” page is a very important part of your conversion power. Don’t neglect it, and don’t hide behind the facade of your website. Humans are curious by nature, so the more “real” and accessible you are, the better image you will convey to users who visit you.

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Anastasia Kurmakaeva
Anastasia Kurmakaeva
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