7 Reasons to have a blog in your online store

Raúl Carrión

Written by Raúl Carrión

An e-commerce project requires constant work to increase sales. When it comes to optimizing the platform, it is usual to start by optimizing the e-commerce web application for search engines: information architecture, SEO on page, etc., but… What else can we do when we think the store is perfect?

Advantages of having a blog in your online store

A highly recommended option is to create a blog within our e-commerce, and throughout this article I list 7 reasons that confirm this idea:

1.- You will be positioned for lateral searches.

With product pages your website is trying to position itself for searches strictly related to the product name (Example: GoPro camera), with a blog you can create pages to position yourself for related topics, such as how to use, trends, etc. (Example: How to make videos on a bicycle).

2.- You will add value

The purpose of a blog is to inform customers in an altruistic way and to add value. This gesture will be perceived by customers and they will thank you with their loyalty. We will also show them the advantages they can obtain from the correct use of our products, which will result in greater satisfaction.

3.- You will be an opinion leader

Generating innovative content and reporting on industry news will position you as an opinion leader. This role will provide the e-commerce with an extra dose of trust, and as a result will improve the conversion rate.

4.- It will increase the traffic in the product files.

In each blog article we should be able to add products related to the news. In this way, when a visitor reads the article, we will facilitate the possibility of accessing those products that are related to the subject of the news item. For example, if we publish a post with a recipe, the ingredients we sell in our e-commerce should appear as related products.

5.- Purchases of more than one product will increase.

We can use the blog to show how interesting it is to purchase several products simultaneously. For example, if our online store sells gourmet products, we can write an article about pairings and thus recommend the purchase of our sausages with our wines.

6.- Demonstrate daily activity in the online store.

If we are going to buy for the first time in an e-commerce, it is common to worry about whether the store is operational. If it has a frequently updated blog, we will know that there is movement in that business: there is someone behind the website.

7.- You will get to know your customers better.

Blog comments are a great tool to know what customers think about our products and our business. It is up to us to be alert and respond appropriately and in a timely manner.


As you can see, a blog can be a great help to get more visitors to your e-commerce and also encourages a higher percentage of visits end up being customers many of them recurring. But all these advantages require a constant work of generating interesting content and an adequate management of comments. The investment in the development of the blog will be very small compared to the time to invest in providing the platform with the appropriate content.

Having a blog in an online store increases the number of visits and encourages users to buy more.

From here I invite you to use this way to attract new customers to the website and tell us about your experience.

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Raúl Carrión
Raúl Carrión
Former Product Manager of OptimizedStores - eCommerce at Human Level. Graduated in Computer Engineering. Subsequently, he completed a Master's Degree in Application Development and Web Services and a Master's Degree in Sales and Marketing Management. Specialist in web development and e-commerce, having worked with several CMS. Regular lecturer in national and international business schools.

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