Posicionamiento en Buscadores Ed. 2009

Posicionamiento en Buscadores Ed. 2009

Posicionamiento en Buscadores responds to the real need of companies to understand what search engine optimization is and how to improve the positioning of their websites.


Posicionamiento en Buscadores addresses what search engine optimization is, why it is important for any Internet initiative that needs to obtain a return on investment, which are the sectors that can benefit most from this type of promotional strategy and what are its advantages and disadvantages compared to other types of online promotion (banners, pay-per-click, word auctions, etc.). ) We will see how the growing investment in search engine marketing responds to a reality related to Internet usage habits that identifies search engines as the first reference to find any content on the Internet and, given the important role that search engines play, we will analyze in detail what the main search engines and directories on the Internet are and how they work. You will learn to identify the expressions with which your potential customers refer to your products or services, or to companies like yours, when they search the Web, and we will guide you on how to analyze the degree of indexability of your own website so that you can detect problems, errors and opportunities for improvement. You will be able to see how similar situations were dealt with in real cases, how they were diagnosed and solved, as well as the results obtained.

But we will not only focus on the optimization of already built websites. The real potential of an optimal positioning in search engines unfolds when the aspects that will influence its indexability are taken into account in its design phase. Search Engine Optimization also provides formulas to increase the popularity of a portal and warns about those practices prohibited or not recommended by search engines. You will also learn how to interpret your website’s traffic data and how to build a “scorecard”, based on different statistical measures, which will allow you to discover the multiple aspects that determine the return on your Internet investment.


Fernando Maciá Domene is recognized as a pioneer of digital marketing and one of the “fathers of SEO” in Spain. After ten years of experience in the world of communication and advertising, at the end of the 90’s he designed his first websites and decided to bet on the Internet.

In 2001 he discovered SEO from pioneers such as Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman. It was love at first sight, which led to the creation of his consultancy Human Level Communications (www.humanlevel.com), one of the most prestigious SEO/SEM agencies with the longest track record in Spain.

Since 2006, Fernando Maciá has written three other books and co-authored six more, all related to search engine optimization, online marketing and social media. He is one of the best-selling authors in his field in Spanish.

Currently, he combines his work as director of Human Level and expert SEO consultant with an intense teaching activity in business schools and universities in Spain and Latin America, and with frequent participation as a speaker at industry events.

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