What is Yandex TCI and what is it for?

In this article we will explore what it is, how it works, what criteria Yandex uses for its calculation, and its relevance for SEO positioning and popularity in the Russian search engine, among other interesting data.

New Yandex.Audience: what is it and how does it work?

The Russian search engine does not stop growing, and this summer it has done so with the launch of a new service, which consists in the possibility of personalized targeting of our target audience. A service that, undoubtedly, can be really interesting if we have a business oriented to the Russian-speaking market. Get to know its functionalities.

Optimization of mobile websites in Yandex: Vladivostok algorithm arrives

Last Tuesday, February 2, the company Yandex announced on its corporate blog the launch of its new algorithm, Vladivostok, whose operation would start to take effect immediately in the positioning within the search results throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. The reason Yandex developers have chosen this city to name the update after is […]

Advertising to attract Russian-speaking users with Yandex Direct

Undoubtedly, the Internet opens the door to offer our services and products to the whole world, allowing us to enter new markets that, not too many years ago, we could not even imagine. One of these markets may be the Russian-speaking market, which includes such interesting countries as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. These countries […]

Summary of new developments in Yandex in 2015

With 2016 just around the corner, it’s time to make a small balance or summary of the year, in which we will make a compilation of the most interesting events and novelties for international search engine positioning introduced by Yandex company in its search engine and the services offered, focusing mainly on the second half […]

How to position an online store in Yandex

Previously, we had highlighted the main differences in positioning between Google and Yandex. We have seen that, although similar in their objective, the Russian search engine took into account some specific characteristics when displaying certain websites among the first results. With this article we intend to delve into a more specific type of website: online […]

News on Yandex: new BETA version of Yandex.Webmaster

On November 20, 2015 the presentation of the new version of the Yandex.Webmaster tool took place at the fourth event on the occasion of the conference for Webmasters of the Russian company Yandex, simultaneously with the launch of the beta version of the tool itself. Among other related talks scheduled throughout the day, company representatives […]

Differences between Google and Yandex in terms of website optimization

Google’s and Yandex’s algorithms share many similarities in their operation with respect to the predilection for displaying pages in their search results that are considered of higher quality and interest to the user. Both are continuously working to fight against content over-optimization, Blackhat SEO and other negative positioning techniques aimed at deceiving search engines. But […]

Yandex SEO tools to position your website on the Russian market

Yandex is the leading search engine on the Russian-speaking web, popularly known as Runet. Approximately 60% of Russian Internet users use Yandex, compared to 30% who prefer Google. It also enjoys significant popularity among some of the countries of the former Soviet Union, such as Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and even Turkey. Yandex was founded in […]

Minusinsk: Yandex’s latest algorithm update

It has been two months since the launch of the update of the new algorithm for the Russian search engine Yandex, Minusinskspecially developed to combat massive spamming of low quality linksThis practice was used by many users in order to improve the position in the search results of a website. In this article we will […]