KSchool interviews Fernando Maciá

The new edition of the KSchool Master ‘Online Marketing Techniques’ has arrived in Alicante. The business school wanted to interview its director so that he could tell you first-hand about his beginnings in the world of online marketing and its professional opportunities. Don’t miss the video! If you want more information about this master’s degree […]

Interview with Fernando Maciá for Café Digital

Fernando Maciá, founder of Human Level Communications, was interviewed online by Café Digital on the occasion of his participation as a speaker at the International Workshop on Web Positioning in Paraguay next November. Fernando answered a series of questions, here is a brief summary of his answers. What is SEO? SEO is an online marketing […]

Interview with Fernando Maciá for Infocif

Fernando Maciá reviews his professional career for Infocif, the Spanish social network for companies. From his degree in Audiovisual Communication, Fernando worked in radio, newspapers and later set up an advertising agency. At the end of the 90’s this agency became a consulting company dedicated to the development of web sites and later became one […]

Videos of the presentation of the book “Marketing Online 2.0” by Fernando Maciá

On December 3rd, Fernando Maciá’s seventh book, “Marketing Online 2.0“, was presented in Madrid. The event took place at KSchool, one of the centers where our CEO teaches. The Human Level Communication team traveled to the capital to celebrate this day. During the presentation ceremony, Fernando was very well accompanied by the editor of Anaya […]