Social networks

Social networks

Social media management focused on customer service

Today, the more traditional customer service channels, such as the telephone, are still used when seeking support to resolve problems or doubts. People don’t want to give up hearing a human voice (even if it’s at the end of a long tunnel full of machines and ice-cold voiceovers) on the other end of the line. But what about the new service channels? Do you know them all and get the most out of them?

What is Social Commerce?

In our series of articles on social networks and online marketing, we are going to talk about Social Commerce. According to the VII Study of Social Networks 2017, 53% of the surveyed sample claims to use social networks to search for products or services before making a purchase and 39% express their opinions about them in some social network. Do you want to know more about this phenomenon?

Facebook automation tools to manage your ads more easily

Automation is a somewhat controversial topic as it has many detractors and at the same time many advocates. However, he has been “with us” in the online marketing industry for some time now. If you’ve ever created automatic reports, used bidding rules, or have…

Fernando Maciá’s speech at #AmoSM2016: Social networks and SEO

The Amo Social Media, a free virtual congress on social media marketing and communication, took place on the 20th. Fernando Maciá was one of the speakers and he delved into the relationship between social networks and SEO. Fernando poses the following question: can social networks help SEO? One thing is what the search engines say… […]

Fernando Maciá’s presentation at #AmoSM2016: Social media and SEO

Fernando Maciá participated yesterday in the online conferences on Social Media organized by J. Mejía Llano in which he spoke about the unknown effect of social networks on search engine positioning. Much has been said on this subject and few are the sources that confirm or deny this relationship. Fernando Maciá dared to shed some […]

How to promote new products through Facebook Ads

In order to make users aware of new items, several strategies can be applied, including tasks such as having a section focused exclusively on new items, adding new products to the front page, sending a newsletter with these products, etc. In many e-commerce platforms you will be able to apply these strategies without any previous knowledge or installation of additional modules.

How to use Periscope in your online marketing strategy

Periscope is an application to broadcast live video from your cell phone or tablet. Periscope was launched in February 2014 under the name Bounty, but in early 2015 it was acquired by Twitter. It was originally released for iOS, and since May 2015 it is also available for Android (version 4.4 or higher). We have […]

Tips for a successful Facebook Ads campaign

Investing in Facebook Sponsored Ads has great advantages, especially for small businesses with tight budgets. With Facebook Ads you can create ad campaigns with different objectives that will allow you, from promoting your Fan page or your website, to getting downloads of your application or reproductions of a video you have published. Creating ads with […]

Facebook Ads campaign segmentation

The strongest point of Facebook Ads is found in the audience segmentation options. The platform knows its users very well and will allow you to use that information to reach your exact target audience. The key to the success of your Facebook Ads campaign will be based on refining the definition of the socio-demographic profile […]

Facebook Ads campaign structure and types

At the beginning of 2014 Facebook changed the way campaigns were set up to present us with its current organization. It is worth stopping to understand how this structuring works in order to shape campaigns appropriately and get the most out of the available budget. On the other hand, the platform allows you to configure […]

Niche social networks: an opportunity for your business

If we have a business, we probably want to promote it on social networks to make it known and connect with our target audience. However, it is important to know how to choose in which social networks we want to present our brand, since not all of them will be useful for our business. When […]

What is F-Commerce?

Some time ago a new feature was announced, one of the most talked-about of the great social giant: the possibility of integrating an online store within Facebook pages. The union between Social Commerce and E-commerce resulted in a new business model in the market, F-commerce.