Advertising on Pinterest

The platform where ads are an added value.

Pinterest, the platform where users search for new ideas

Pinterest’s platform inspires millions of people to take on their next big idea. It is a unique place to find new products and new possibilities. On Pinterest, branded content doesn’t interrupt the user experience, but rather inspires them.

Why run campaigns on Pinterest?

Guide your customers from idea to purchase

  • Speak to an audience of millions of users
  • Transmit your brand image
  • Invest in a growing platform
  • Increase your sales

What characterizes Pinterest campaigns?

Segmentation to hit the nail on the head

Pinterest’stool gives us a wide range of possibilities when it comes to segmenting the users who will see your ads.

  1. Demographic data

    Narrow the search for the right audience by age, gender, location and language.
  2. Interests

    Reach out to people based on the topics they like, such as recipes or home decor. Your ads will appear when users browse their feeds.
  3. Key words

    Reach users who are ready to act using specific search terms. Your ads will appear in search results and related Pins.
  4. Customer list

    Upload your customer list to impact people who already interact with your website, store or Pinterest content.
  5. Actalikes

    Use Actalike audiences to find other people with similar interests and behaviors to your current customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Human Level's work plan?

We take care of the whole process. We create the advertising account on Pinterest, carry out the set-up of the campaigns through an initial analysis, we manage and optimize the account with strategies oriented to achieve the objectives and finally we carry out an analysis of the results.

Campaigns on Pinterest can have a Brand Awareness objective to grow reach and generate product recognition. Secondly, they may have an objective criteria to get more traffic to the website. Finally, they can also have a conversion goal to drive actions on your website, such as a sale, registration or subscription.

You, we are only the managers of your account. The ownership of the account will always be yours, whether you stay with us or not. However, we will help you set it all up.

Work with a team of professional experts in Social Media advertising, who monitor and control the campaigns on a daily basis to carry out the necessary optimizations and guarantee the achievement of the objectives.