What is Google Ads (AdWords)?

Google Ads (AdWords) is an online advertising platform that allows us to get relevant visits to our website through the Google Search Network and partnering websites, namely Google Maps or YouTube. Through a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) system, you will be able to appear in the search results for the most relevant search queries made by your prospective customers on the Internet.

A well-managed sponsored ads campaign on Google Ads is the perfect tool to get visits and prospective customers to a website in a quick and efficient way. A campaign attracting paid visits will help your website to rank amongst the top results in search engines in no time, for a variety of keywords related to your business. This means you will attract users interested in your products or services from the very moment you launch these campaigns.

As a Google Ads certified agency, at Human Level we are highly experienced managing advertising campaigns, and it is something that enables us to obtain a significant growth of visitors convertible into customers very quickly, besides making the advertised website widely known, whilst always being in control of the campaign cost.

The advantages of Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns

Target audience segmentation

You will be able to target your campaign by countries, regions, keywords, timezones, devices, etc.

Fast conversion

You will obtain a great number of visitors who may very possibly turn into customers in a very short amount of time.

Measurement of the results

Possibility to measure the exact return on investment of each campaign.

Flexible budgets

Possibility to manage your budget in a flexible way, making changes in real time to improve your results.

Detecting new markets

Detecting new markets, possible trends in your industry, new products to develop, etc.


It’s the perfect strategy to complement SEO and get results in the short term.

What is our goal with Google Ads?

Our goal at Human Level is to maximise return on investment (ROI), making the most out of the investment made by the client. We optimise your ads, we improve your conversion rates resulting in a higher number of visitors relevant to your website, which increases the possibility of these visitors becoming your customers. We will be constantly working on making your investment in Ads increasingly profitable.

How will Human Level help you to achieve this?

Once we have identified our client’s goals with a PPC campaign, we will research keywords that are most frequently used by their users and make a selection of those generating the highest conversion rate. We analyse the Cost-Per-Click of each visit, the possible conversion, and the competition in the target markets. Keeping in mind our client’s budget, we will focus their campaign on keywords with a better chance to attract more visitors and customers for their business.

Knowing how to capture the attention of our prospective customers has an enormous bearing on the Ads campaign effectiveness. This can be done by highlighting the advantages of our services. In our experience, the best strategy is to segment sponsored ads by groups of keywords. We also know the type of copy that generates higher conversion rates for an ad. Additionally, we will apply the A/B testing in the design of your ads, in order to check the conversion rates of different versions of the ad for the same keyword. Once we have the results, we will keep the version providing us the highest conversion rate.
Once we’ve created the ads, we will proceed to optimise their landing pages. The success of many campaigns resides in the design of the landing page where we direct users after they clicked on the ad. Our landing pages for sponsored ad campaigns are incredibly persuasive and user-friendly, which will increase the visit-customer conversion percentage.
Human Level has a highly qualified team entirely dedicated to monitoring the evolution of the ad campaigns, which enables us to refine and apply the necessary improvements in your ads design and their landing pages, as well as daily budget management. With the implementation of a Web statistics system like Google Analytics we will be able to accurately measure the accomplishment of goals defined at the beginning of the campaign. Our clients will be able to see the status of their campaigns every day. Additionally, we will send you a detailed and personalised monthly report describing all the results that have been obtained thus far. Our clients will always know whether their investment is giving them the expected profits.