Content Marketing

How can content marketing help your website rank in search engines?

SEO-oriented content marketing adapts your website’s content to the way your prospective customers search the Internet. It helps to increase your traffic generation potential, because when you use the same language your customers understand, it’s much easier for your website to appear in the top results in search engines.

We can generate content of many different types and formats:

  • Blog posts on topics related to your products and services.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  • Testimonials.
  • User guides.
  • Tutorials.
  • Videos and animations.
  • Comparisons.
  • Glossaries.
  • Rankings.
  • Presentations.
  • Product demos.
  • Infographics.
  • Reviews and comments.
  • Etc.

Depending on the industry your business belongs to, and your target audience’s profile, we will propose different types, topics or formats of content that will help you to naturally improve your organic rankings.

The advantages of creating content optimised for search engines

Talk about what your users are interested in

Talk about what your users are interested in

We write about topics your customers look for on the Internet or your website’s internal search box. We’re not just going to generate content with the sole purpose of achieving good rankings, but also to connect with your users’ buying motives or to respond to their possible objections.
Continuously updated

Continuously updated

We create content oriented to search queries for which we want to improve our authority. Fresh content encourages search engines to visit us more frequently and helps us rank for a greater variety of terms.
Original content

Original content

We create original content that other users are going to reference and recommend, linking it from other websites and social media, which will contribute to building our domain’s popularity and authority.
Improve customer loyalty and retention

Improve customer loyalty and retention

It’s not just about visitors finding us, but also becoming a benchmark website where they can find valuable content, so that they have a reason to come back to our website and continue generating conversions.

Would you like to know more about content marketing?

What is SEO-oriented content?

Occasionally we encounter other websites that lack sufficient text content to accomplish their goals of organic rankings in search engines. This can happen for many reasons: products, the visual aspect of which is more important and that are better presented with images than with text; professional websites where the only text there is is a reference or technical specifications; pages in which design prevents the inclusion of larger amounts of text… Given that search engines mostly employ words that are present on a web page to calculate its content relevance, it’s important that we can rely on several sections where we can naturally include a larger proportion of text. These pages are more likely to obtain better rankings and will improve the usability of a website.

These are some of the sections we can create and maintain on your website:

  • Tutorials and user guides: explaining the qualities and applications of your products, the advantages and benefits of your services, etc.
  • Press notes: promotional information about new products launch, new offices opening, introduction of your company to new markets…
  • In-depth articles: trends, demand evolution, studies, survey results…
  • Corporate blog: not only for corporate statements and announcements, but also open to comments from your blog’s visitors who wish to say something about your posts.
  • Landing pages: Product presentation pages specifically built to maximise your conversion rate.

When a company wishes to rank in search engines for a series of keywords, we identify the most suitable content for each search term. Sometimes your website doesn’t cater to all search queries through which your prospective customers could find you. In these cases we develop additional content specially focussed on improving rankings for these searches. The purpose of this content is:
  • To increase your website’s visibility for a more varied range of related keywords.
  • To improve competitiveness in search engines of websites where images, design elements, animations, etc. prevail over text.
  • To adapt to the most used search patterns by your potential customers and users.
  • To direct visitors to specific landing pages specifically designed to improve your website’s conversion rate.

At Human Level we count on the expertise of journalists, designers and developers, who were trained in web content and copywriting techniques, as well as SEO. We can design, develop and maintain any section of additional content to help your website accomplish its positioning and conversion goals.

We strive to rank one page for every search query that could take a prospective customer to your website:

  • Search pattern identification: to look for a particular product or service, most users use similar expressions. Once we’ve identified these patterns, we adapt your website’s architecture so that it incorporates the most searched combinations.
  • Seasonal pattern identification: some search queries cyclically grow and decrease in popularity throughout the year. We help you introduce seasonal content you’ll need to rank for these search queries, in a way that your page will hit top results just in time.
  • Market trend identification: the use of certain search queries increases when market interest grows for some products or services, whilst for others it declines. We identify what your target market is interested in to generate the appropriate content to adapt to these market fluctuations.
  • Search trend anticipation: celebration of upcoming events and occasions of general interest allow us to anticipate our strategy, to develop related content and rank for profitable search queries before our competitors do.