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Fani Sánchez

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What is the purchase decision?

The purchase decision process comprises the different stages that a user goes through from the consideration of a need to the purchase of a product or service.

Among the target audience of a website or business, there can and usually are multiple profiles with:

  • Different needs.
  • Different purchase motivations.
  • Different stage of the purchase or contracting decision process.
  • Different socioeconomic contexts.
  • Different degree of knowledge of the product or service.

Responding to each of these profiles, a user’s search will have a different context. We will have to consider a wide range of search formulas in the keyword study, whether we are going to choose some terms to the detriment of others or whether we decide to include all these variants (which represent our different target profiles or target audiences).

Let’s take an example. If we are talking about a user who is looking for beauty treatments but is a neophyte in the subject, he will search for “beauty treatments for face” or “facial cosmetics”. On the other hand, if he is already versed in the subject, he will probably search for “facial peeling”, “face exfoliating treatment” or any other more specific search formula that denotes that he knows better what he wants. If we go one step further in the user’s expertise and we talk about a regular consumer of this type of services or products, he/she will probably look for a specific brand and product, for example “Singuladerm Xpert Sublime Serum 30ml”.

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Fani Sánchez
Fani Sánchez
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