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Jose Vicente

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What are generic keywords?

Generic keywords are terms with a high search potential whose optimization can bring more benefit to the organic traffic of our site.

These are highly competitive search terms, so they are more difficult to position, but once positioned, their performance is higher since they attract a large volume of traffic. Generic keywords are directly related to the activity of your website and must be assigned to the home page.

For example:

  • If we have a chain of hotels in the province of Alicante, our generic cap will be “Hotel in Alicante” or “Hotels in Alicante”.
  • If we have an online marketing agency, our generic stopper will be words like “online marketing agencies”, “online marketing company” or “online marketing services.

Purpose of keyword categorization

Keyword categorization serves a dual function:

  • Determining your site’s generic keyword ceiling is an unequivocal starting point for effective keyword consulting, where resources are not wasted.
  • By grouping words with similar characteristics or that share levels of architecture on the web (for example: long tail keywords could be blog tags, semi-generic keywords would be services…) we can monitor large-scale changes in rankings and determine if these are problems in a particular word group
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Jose Vicente
Jose Vicente
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