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Written by Fernando Maciá

How we can detect needs to adapt the tools to the Inbound Marketing strategies we apply to different companies. Víctor Hernández, IT & Search Manager Casa Batlló.

There are some tools that are prohibitively expensive. So sometimes it is worthwhile to build a specific tool from different APIs instead of using many external tools.

First of all, I would raise the need to know our customer, our business. The next step is to design the strategy: it is not enough to say “I want to position myself in these words”, but it is necessary to see what needs to be done to achieve it.

You have to get links: it’s not cheap and it’s not fast. So it is worthwhile to set up a company that works for us and automates this process as much as possible. Know the needs of your strategy and know the people. It is the people, not the Web pages, that post the links.

Search for the API’s you need. There are some that are free, some have limitations, others go for credits… But there are API’s of all types.

We make a briefing of what we want, we pass it to a freelancer to tell us what it would cost us a dashboard of this type on a Web site or count on our team of developers. This is the theory.

We have built a tool to get influencers to talk about us. In the case of tourism, I do not rule out vertical search engines such as TripAdvisor.

Capture of the presentation by Víctor Hernández

How can we get users to come to our business? In tourism, TripAdvisor is a tremendous source of traffic. The strategy was based on the fact that we all share the dream of traveling. With this motivation, we can all be encouraged to write or share content.

There are people who have a reach much older than us, so we are interested in contacting these profiles: people who check-in on Foursquare/Twitter, on Facebook it’s more complicated because it’s closed… So with Twitter’s own API we can be looking for this information with a .cron process to do it continuously and detect them for us.

Once we have identified the URL of that person, with Sistrix we will know if he/she is relevant and popular or not. Also, in tourism, we are very interested in Instagram.

From this information, you have to invent your own algorithm to identify who can be a follower or not. An influencer, who loves to share, who has a blog, which you can analyze with Sistrix and Majestic, allows you to identify if you are interested or not. From there, you can invite them to lunch, to a museum, to an event…. And they will naturally share because they like it. Some with links, some without…

And does it all work?

Yes, with surprising results. I have obtained links that I could not have imagined: for example, profiles with millions of followers of actors in Latin America. Relatives of Barça players have come. Bloggers of all types and profiles. And it is something that has cost us about 200€/month. It searches for the user, identifies him/her and prepares him/her for invitation.

The important thing is to understand our business, to know who our customers are, what our strategy is, with a more transversal business vision? We got people to talk about us people who are in a receptive attitude.

My tool could analyze the profiles of the attendees of the SEO Clinic and analyze their visibility in social networks.

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