“SEO strategies in a world that searches from mobile devices” presentation by Fernando Maciá at OMExpo 2017

Anastasia Kurmakaeva

Written by Anastasia Kurmakaeva

Mobile-first is the new scenario: more and more users are choosing to use their mobile devices to search the web. For this reason, if we want to achieve visibility in search engines, we must adapt our website to the demands of Internet users as soon as possible, and to do this well, it is important that we follow the guidelines established by Google.

If you missed this presentation by Fernando Maciá at OMExpo 2017, or want to revisit the key points covered in this one, here it is!

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Anastasia Kurmakaeva
Anastasia Kurmakaeva
Former SEO consultant and translator at Human Level. She is a specialist in translation and SEO, with a special focus on the Yandex search engine. She is fluent in Russian, Spanish and English, being fully bilingual in the first two.


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