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Antoni Saurina

Written by Antoni Saurina

Black Friday has established itself in Spain and Europe as one of the most popular sales times of the year. Although it was originally just one day, in recent years it has been extended by most online stores offering deals for several weeks.

This period is an exceptional sales opportunity, as users are predisposed to make purchases expecting to find great deals. This interest on the part of the user means that the results of the campaigns are usually much better than the rest of the month in terms of sales figures, conversion rate and revenue. Therefore, we must take advantage of it to try to obtain the best possible results and maximize the income provided by the campaigns.

Black Friday is very propitious to obtain excellent results in campaigns for online stores.

Next we will see what modifications we can make to campaigns to improve user response.

Add keywords for the event

It is very common that during this time of the year users do the same searches they do during the rest of the year but adding the terms “Black Friday” in the search. It is therefore a good idea to add these words to the most relevant search terms in order to better measure your performance.

For example, if we sell shoes of several brands, we can add to the brand words the terms “Black Friday” and variants, looking similar to:

  • +Gioseppo +Black +Friday
  • +XTI +Black +Friday
  • +Adidas +Black +Friday

Adding specific keywords allows us to see the results being obtained and make adjustments to improve the campaign.

Search for Adidas black friday

New Black Friday specific announcements

Once the user performs the search, the first thing that appears are the ads, which are the key for the user to access the ecommerce that we are promoting. The idea is to add the words “Black Friday” in the ad to inform potential customers that we are taking advantage of this promotion.

There are two main advantages to customizing ads. The first is that if the user searches with the term “Black Friday” the ad will be more relevant. The second is that if you search without the term, we will inform you of the promotion and encourage you to visit the store.

This is why it is very important to customize the ads and, although it is an additional work, the results are sure to be worth it.

Ad personalization is key to the success of Black Friday campaigns.

black friday ads

Adding extensions that match the promotion

Extensions, as part of the advertisements, are also important as they allow us to add additional information. For example, with the highlighted text extensions we can add the dates of the promotion, the discounts or the products on which the offers apply. Thanks to them we can complete all the data of the promotion so that the user can see the most relevant information.

It is important to make a proper configuration for these extensions. The idea is that these only appear on the dates on which the store makes the offers, so it is advisable to specify the start and end dates, and thus only be displayed in the period of the promotion.

Extensions help us to enrich the ad with additional information so that the user has more information.

Black Friday Ad Extensions

Prepare landing pages

Once the user clicks on the ad and accesses the online store, it makes no sense for them to go to a page where there is no promotion or content related to Black Friday. In this case, it would probably take the user less than a second to press the back button.

Therefore, it is of vital importance to prepare the landing pages that users will visit so that there is a correlation between the ad we show and the landing page. In addition, this will help us to increase the quality of the campaigns and to achieve optimal results.

Landing pages must be adapted to the promotion being displayed.

Black Friday landing example

Adjust the account to improve visibility

Undoubtedly, this period is a great opportunity for sales, so many online stores will take advantage of it to advertise, which will cause a drop in our visibility due to the increase of competitors. It is therefore essential that we observe ad positions, impressions and CTR to make the appropriate adjustments, such as increasing CPC, if necessary.

In this way we will be able to maintain visibility and obtain visits that will result in sales.

With increased competition, it is important to monitor the visibility of campaigns in order to obtain good results.

Adjusting the budget

Black Friday attracts a multitude of users to the Internet in search of special offers, which translates into a significant increase in search volumes. This increase goes hand in hand with more impressions and clicks, which means an increase in campaign budgets. If we also have to make upward adjustments to the CPC to maintain visibility, the budget increase can be considerable.

For all these reasons, it is advisable to have a budget reserve for these dates. If the budget is defined and cannot be increased, a good strategy would be to try to use as little as possible during the month of October and early November in order to be able to use it on Black Friday.

It is important to have a large budget in order to get the most out of Black Friday campaigns.

Going for Black Friday

With these tips we will already have our campaigns ready to go for Black Friday and get excellent results in this period so conducive to sales.

Keep in mind that AdWords is only one of several ways to take advantage of this shopping spree, and it would also be interesting to apply other online marketing strategies that you can use on Black Friday to capture sales, and thus boost your profits thanks to the synergies of all channels.

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Antoni Saurina
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