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David Escolano

Written by David Escolano

Google recently announced the launch of a new extension for Google Ads, the image extension, which allows advertisers to display images in text ads at the top of search results.

Undoubtedly, this extension will make Google Ads ads much more attractive, improving the quality of the visit and, therefore, increasing the conversion rate. On the other hand, organic results will be somewhat lower due to the size of the ad images.

new image extension for adwords ads

Google Ads image extension features

  • The images will only be displayed for the Google Ads ad that is displayed in the Top1. This implies having a good budget to maintain a competitive offer.
  • The extension allows you to add three different images, which must be related to the ad text.
  • The image must be of high quality and not animated.
  • We must own the copyrights to them.
  • The images of the published advertisement must be available on the web.
  • Google’s approval is required for publication.

As Google explains in its blogFor example, images will be displayed in text ads when the search type is related to visual content and the content is relevant, i.e., the image extension is more likely to be displayed for a search that is related to product features, such as luxury car design, than for the location of dealerships in the area for that luxury car brand.

Unlike Google Shopping, where only online stores can access, the image extension can be used by any advertiser, be it an e-commerce or hotel.

It should be noted that this extension, for the moment, is in English and in beta phase, so not everything has been said yet.

Would you like to try the image extension?

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