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Domain TLD

Let’s start at the beginning: TLD stands for Top Level Domain or Top LevelDomain.
top level domain
. There are different types of top-level domains.

Generic Top Level Domains(gTLDs)

These domains are used for websites from anywhere in the world, they represent top-level domains available to users registering worldwide and multi-organization domains. The best known is .com which was initially intended for commercial purposes, .edu for educational organizations, .gov for government organizations, .mil for military organizations, .net for online organizations, .org for non-profit organizations and .net for international organizations.

Country code top-level domain(ccTLD)

Country Code Top Level Domains are two-letter domains that represent a country, territory or geographical denomination. For example .es for Spain, .uk for United Kingdom, .jp for Japan, .fr for France, etc.

New domains

We start from the premise that each domain has to be unique on the Internet, which has New gTLD domainsled us to saturate the gTLDs by making indiscriminate use of domains such as .com, for which all four-letter combinations are already registered.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has echoed user requests for domain name extensions. In 2014 we will start to be able to register domains such as .eco which will be destined to companies that are in favor of ecology, environmental conservation and that have a commitment to our planet. There will also be a .gay domain extension that is oriented to the gay and lesbian community worldwide.

Currently domain registration companies are giving the possibility to reserve new domains.

Examples of domains for food

.bar, .beer, .cafe, .ketchup, .restaurant, .pub, .bar, .wine, .pizza, .catering, .menu, .bio, etc.

Examples of domains for cities

.vegas, .madrid, .barcelona, .london, .roma, .africa, .kyoto, .miami, .budapest, .paris, etc.

Examples of domains for education

.education, .university, .intitute, .college, .study, .prof, .courses, etc.

Examples of travel and leisure domains

.hotel, .travel, .home, .club, .tour, .flights, .city, .tickets, .art, cruises, .world, .holiday, .room, etc.

Examples of domains for sports

.baseball, .basketball, .cricket, .soccer, .golf, .field hockey, .ski, .surf, .tennis, .yoga, .club, .sport, .moto, .rugby, etc.

Steps to take to get a new TLD domain name

First of all we must reserve the domain we are interested in and for this, domain registration companies already offer this service. Domain reservation is free of charge, except for domains that already have an official price and release date.

The new extensions first go through a sunrise phase in which only the owners of the trademarks registered in the trademark clearinghouse can register the new domains. Once the sunrise phase is over, the domains are open to the rest of the users.

If the user has previously registered the domain name, the domain will be awarded. In the event that several providers have pre-registered the same domain, the registration authority will award the domain and notify the provider company.

Most popular new domains

Among the new domains, applications for several extensions stand out and, for the moment, the one with the most applications is .web which is emerging as the direct competitor of .com. Continuing with the fever of the digital world, we highlight the .com extension. .online whose objective is to create new competencies and market options around this extension. It also highlights .shop designed to boost e-commerce. On the other hand we have .hotel which is focused on the hotel industry and .app for applications. Finally, a blog focused on blogs stands out.

Dates of new domains

According to various suppliers, on November 26, 2013, the phase was opened. sunrise for .bike, .clothing, .guru, .holdings, .pumbing, .singles and .ventures. On December 3, 2013 it will open for .camera, .equipment, .estate, .gallery, .graphics, .lighting, .photography. And finally on December 11, 2013 it will open for .sexy and .tattoo.

And you, have you already thought about your new domains?

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