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Fani Sánchez

Written by Fani Sánchez

Fernando Maciá at the IX Walqa Virtual Shops Fair
Fernando Maciá during his talk on the Impact of the Internet on commerce at the IX Walqa Virtual Shops Fair (Photo: Wanatop).

Last Thursday, May 15, our director Fernando Maciá attended the IX Virtual Shops Fair that is held every year at the Walqa Technology Park in Huesca, where he had been invited to give a talk during the closing ceremony of this ninth edition. The theme of the talk revolved around the impact that the Internet has had on the sale of products and services at all levels and in his presentation, Fernando Maciá gave a brief overview of the history of the Internet phenomenon, the emergence of the Web and how all this has changed the way we make purchasing decisions and ultimately purchase products and services.

The director of Human Level Communications referred to specific e-commerce phenomena, such as the showrooming -looking at and comparing real products in physical stores to end up comparing prices with online stores and buying them on the Internet- or the webroomingThe following are some of the things you can do: researching online, reading product comparisons, user reviews, researching everything at the click of a button on the Internet to end up buying from the store you trust. This is also known as ROPO: Research Online, Purchase Offline or, in other words, research online and buy offline.

Fernando Maciá speaks about Internet and e-commerce at Walqa
Fernando Maciá speaks about Internet and e-commerce in front of the planetarium of the Walqa Technology Park. (Photo: Virtual Stores Fair)


The presentation was completed with an overview of the main online marketing strategies. In each of them, Fernando Maciá highlighted the main opportunities that an e-commerce should take advantage of to attract, convert and retain customers online. A very complete talk, in short, which was followed by an enthusiastic audience that crowded the space provided in the spectacular hall of space 0.42, the building that contains the planetarium and astronomical observatory of the Walqa Technology Park. Thanks for the pictures to Feria de Tiendas Virtuales and the online marketing agency Wanatop from Zaragoza.

We leave you with the presentation that Fernando Maciá made at the IX Walqa Virtual Shops Fair. In ‘Impact of the Internet on Business’ our CEO takes a look at the evolution of the Internet and how this super development has affected virtually every area of our daily lives and society as we knew it.

You can also see the videos with the complete recording of the talk and all the photos of this event in our Flickr channel.

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Fani Sánchez
Fani Sánchez
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