How to sell on Amazon and succeed

Fernando Maciá

Written by Fernando Maciá

Jorge Pascual (@JPasku) manages advertising accounts at INTERDIGITAL and talked to us about how we should sell on Amazon to be successful.

Selling on Amazon

We can be vendors if we are a registered trademark, manufacturer or official distributor. We are not only interested in being on Amazon to sell, but also to control what is said about your product. As a vendor, you can control the questions and recommendations about your product.

SEO on Amazon

At Amazon we want to be the first. The first is the most profitable for Amazon. If you sell cheaper than Amazon, it will put you on. What matters to you is that the user is happy.

SEO on Amazon is based on three fundamental pillars: architecture or structure, content and popularity, as in SEO.

Structure: en Amazon

There is no need to take care of it.

Content: there is content for positioning and there is content that serves to convince the user. Title, bullets points, keywords inserted, description… are for positioning. The content, questions and answers, images, ratings, etc. are to convince.

Title: brand + model + description + format. And it has to be between 60 and 120 characters.

Jorge Pascual at 100 Clinic SEO

Bullet points arelists of content that we have next to the image or under the image in mobile. We can include keywords but it must be easy to read content for the user. It must be attractive and not excessively long. Simple, easy and highlight at the beginning of each point what is going to be seen in each bullet. A brief, non-alarmist warning should be given if anything should be taken into account prior to purchase.

Jorge Pascual at 100 Clinic SEO

Beware of exporting and automating the uploading of products to Amazon, it will not work well. You have to go through all the contents manually and report on the package content, features, handling, etc.

Description and store

The name and description of the store positions and convinces. A+ enriched content can increase sales by up to 5%.

Visual content

We must provide visual content, well-done photographs from multiple angles. That it looks attractive and what it does or how it is used. 240% more visits and more than double sales can depend on a major rebranding.

They also serve to remove fears: that is why it is important to see the application of the product, its compatibility, what it does or what it is used for. Show the product in its most common use.


On Amazon, when we talk about popularity, we refer to votes, ratings and reviews. Users vote for products: you don’t have to buy reviews. Having 10 reviews with 3.8 on a product is enough to position and convince. As many others as you can get, great.

They should not be purchased. If it’s not right, it’s wrong. Amazon is increasingly detecting fake reviews and is removing them all.

We can hire Amazon Vine: buy reviews directly from Amazon. These are the opinions of official evaluators.

If we are sellers, we have user data and we can see if they make recurring purchases of the product. This allows us to follow up.

PPC Advertising

If you pay, you also appear first. You can invest in promoting your products.

Amazon marketing optimization = LOVE

Selling on Amazon must be done with love: to the product and to the user.

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