Fani Sánchez

Fani Sánchez
Former senior SEO consultant at Human Level. Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations.
Fani Sánchez

12 Years, 12 Moments: Human Level Communications Anniversary

We are celebrating our anniversary. On December 22, 2017, Human Level will be 12 years old. Life in its fullest meaning, because sharing so many hours of your daily life with other people, side by side, gives a lot of life. You share the days with headaches, the days you woke up on the wrong […]

Social media management focused on customer service

Today, the more traditional customer service channels, such as the telephone, are still used when seeking support to resolve problems or doubts. People don’t want to give up hearing a human voice (even if it’s at the end of a long tunnel full of machines and ice-cold voiceovers) on the other end of the line. But what about the new service channels? Do you know them all and get the most out of them?

What is Social Commerce?

In our series of articles on social networks and online marketing, we are going to talk about Social Commerce. According to the VII Study of Social Networks 2017, 53% of the surveyed sample claims to use social networks to search for products or services before making a purchase and 39% express their opinions about them in some social network. Do you want to know more about this phenomenon?

ASO Guide: optimize your mobile application in app stores

In our series of articles on mobile marketing, we talk about mobile application optimization. ASO is the acronym used for App Store Optimization and is used to optimize your app in the various app stores. Do you want to know how to apply this knowledge? Continue reading…

“International SEO in Complex Scenarios” presentation at The Inbounder 2017

Trying to position the different international versions of a website can prove daunting when you target complex combinations of contents, currencies, countries and languages. Sometimes there are just no “obvious” options, and different aspects must be considered to make the right decisions to compete at the international arena. In this presentation for The Inbounder 2017, […]

The Digital Change: meeting with experts in Barcelona

The Digital Change is an event that brings together personalities from the world of marketing, design and digital strategy, which will address a huge range of topics with the most immediate challenges facing companies and is divided into three large blocks of two papers each: SEO, Usability and User Experience (UX) and Web Analytics. It […]

KSchool interviews Fernando Maciá

The new edition of the KSchool Master ‘Online Marketing Techniques’ has arrived in Alicante. The business school wanted to interview its director so that he could tell you first-hand about his beginnings in the world of online marketing and its professional opportunities. Don’t miss the video! If you want more information about this master’s degree […]

How Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can help your online store

When developing the architecture of our online store and nurturing it with content, we take special care to distribute our product families well, link the most profitable or most popular ones, clearly stipulate the terms of sale or choose a visible site and a convincing text that explains who we are. However, we tend to […]

European Parliament makes it mandatory to link to ODR from any online store

As of February 15, 2016 European online stores and market-places operating in the EU will be required to include a link on their websites to the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution Platform (Online Dispute Resolution – ODR) according to the Article 14 of Regulation No. 524/2013. The objective is to streamline the processing, arbitration, mediation […]

Fernando Maciá talks about e-commerce for

Fernando Maciá was invited to to talk about SEO in e-commerce. In the presentation, included in the following video, Fernando Maciá will review everything you need to improve the organic visibility of your website, from the definition of your target audience to their search patterns or the generation of appropriate content. Don’t miss it!

Cross selling and upselling to increase sales in your online store

There are a multitude of marketing techniques that we can apply in our online store to try to increase sales. Throughout this article we are going to talk about cross-selling and upselling, two traditional marketing techniques that are also applicable to e-commerce and have a high conversion rate. What is cross-selling or cross-selling? Cross-selling is […]

How to cover an event successfully

We all love to tweet when we attend an Online Marketing event and write summary chronicles about it. It is our way of being even more connected to the rest of the attendees, sharing opinions, enriching ourselves with those of others and making ourselves known. Whether you are participating on behalf of an agency or […]