Dedication and acknowledgments


I dedicate this book to my mother, Lumi Domene, who always shared with my father a common project: to get her three children to reach where they had not been able to. And boy, did they succeed! Thank you for your love, teachings and support throughout my life.


My first thanks go to Eugenio Tuya, editorial manager. Without their complicity, trust and encouragement, this book would never have seen the light of day. Thanks also to Lidia Señarís for her exquisite proofreading. I am envious of your overwhelming command of language. My thanks are extended to the rest of the editorial team at Anaya Multimedia: Rocío Vallejo, Eduardo Rodríguez, Monchi Álvarez and Laura Apolonio, for the love they have put into this book.

A big thank you to Juan Gonzalez, Head of Marketing at Sistrix GmbH, for his warm and generous foreword. Among the best things about my experience in digital marketing, having the opportunity to meet people like him is undoubtedly at the top of the list.

My thanks to the entire Human Level team for their help, patience and understanding. It is a pleasure to work with such professional and involved people. Special thanks to Ramón Saquete, for his expert review of the more technical aspects of the book; to Jose E. Vicente, for extending his attention where I could not, and to Sandra Vílchez, who was able to juggle with my devilish schedule. Vicente, for extending his attention where I could not, and to Sandra Vílchez, who was able to juggle with my devilish schedule. Thanks also to all the customers with whom we have shared at least part of this already long journey. Their trust and projects have made us grow as professionals and people.

Special thanks to those who, over the last twenty years, have given me the valuable experience of participating in courses or events in the sector: Paco Cabrera, Alex Doncel, Alfonso López Viñegla, Iñaki Lakarra, María Puchalt, Cristófol Rovira, Gemma Muñoz, Santiago Foulquié, Miguel Pascual, Jorge González, Carlos Lopezosa, Gianluca Fiorelli, Josep Martínez, Sante J. Achille, Massimo Burgio, Pedro Martínez, Fernando Polo, Ismael el-Qudsi, José Félix Muñoz, José Cremades, Narciso Samaniego, Benet Marcos, Miguel Lopez, Sico de Andrés, Vicente Ros, Fernando Angulo, José Facchin, Miguel Florido, Christian Alvarenga, Luis Carlos Chaquea, David Giner, Carlos M. Muñoz, Juan Carlos Requena, Francisco Martínez Herreros, Pablo del Pozo, José Llinares, José Manuel Gómez-Zorrilla, Luis Miguel Aldeguer, Miguel Ángel Guillem and many others.

Finally, my absolute recognition and gratitude to my family: you are my main source of pride and happiness. I feel extremely fortunate to enjoy life with you.