Dedication and acknowledgments


Dedicated to Fernando Domene (in memoriam).
My uncle, my teacher, my mentor, my partner, my friend.
You will always be my Champion.


My first thanks go to Eugenio Tuya, editorial manager, for his motivation, continuous encouragement and infinite patience. Ten shared deliveries. I don’t know if that makes us brothers in any way, but I am fortunate to have his complicity. I would like to extend my gratitude to Lidia Señarís. With his rigorous revision, my texts have gained in clarity and correctness. I am in awe of your deep knowledge of the language and hope I have learned something from your obsession with simplicity and elegance in writing. Thanks, also, to Claudia Valdés-Miranda Cros, for her quick and excellent layout work, to Celia Antón Santos for her adaptation of the cover and to Eduardo Rodríguez Meliá, for a cover illustration in which I can identify myself.

I would also like to thank Montserrat Peñarroya, a true pioneer and certainly one of the people who knows the most about digital marketing, not because of what she has read, but because she has contributed first-hand and significantly to the construction of this sector from the different aspects of her activity as an entrepreneur, investor, consultant, author and teacher. It is a true honor to have your foreword.

With almost 18 years of digital marketing experience, I am indebted to more people than I can mention. Please feel that I am grateful to all those who, in one way or another, have reached out to me at some time or another, and believe me when I say that those mentioned are only their worthy representatives.

My company and I would be doing something else if since 2005 I had not had the trust of people like Fermín Lozano, Nicolás Barrios, Alejandro Asúnsolo del Barco, Javier Candelas, Roberto López del Cura, José Luis Sastre, Tomás de Cos, Adrián Segovia, Rafael Arroyo, José Vidal, Luis Astorga, Olga Pastor, Virginia Clemente, Gema Miralles, Ignacio Bustamante, Marisa Moya, Javier Esteban, Manu Bonachela, Estrella Álamo, Nicola Riva, Fernando Tormo, José Luis Sarralde, Juan Mora, Jerónimo Pérez Paz, Dámaso Curto, Txema Carvajal, Prado Garrigós, David Giner, Juan Guerrero, and so many other clients who bet on Human Level from the beginning, contributing to cement our prestige as a consulting firm.

A prestige built on the excellent work of colleagues such as José E. Vicente, Fani Sánchez, Merche Martínez, Ramón Saquete, Rocío Rodríguez, María Navarro, Miguel Ángel Culiáñez, Anastasia Kurmakaeva, Sandra Vílchez or Juan Daniel Fuentes, as well as other consultants who were part of our team in the past. It is a pleasure to work with you.

I would also like to thank Marcos Condo of Condo Consulting (Venezuela), Luis Carlos Chaquea of Interlat (Colombia), Christian Alvarenga of Instituto de Diseño y Tecnología (Paraguay) and Sante J. Achille of SMXL Milano (Italy) for giving me the opportunity to participate in international events.

I would like to include here colleagues with whom I share passion and vision. Passion for digital marketing and vision to turn it into a rigorous, recognized and respected profession. I am grateful for their contribution to this objective to people I admire for their professional and human stature, such as Guillermo Vilarroig, Sergio Simarro, Iñaki Huerta, Ricardo Tayar, Natzir Turrado, Pedro Martínez, Gianluca Fiorelli, Eduardo Garolera, Dani Pinillos, Fernando Muñoz, Aleyda Solís, Carlos Redondo, Javier Lorente, Ismael el-Qudsi, Daniel Torres-Burriel, Juan González, Daniel García de la Torre, Lakil Essady, MJ Cachón, Miguel Orense, Miguel López.

Special thanks to those who gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience in the classroom: Paco Cabrera, Vicente Ros, Alfonso López Viñegla, Iñaki Lakarra, María Puchalt, Cristófol Rovira, Alex Doncel, Gemma Muñoz, José Félix Muñoz, José Cremades, Narciso Samaniego, Benet Marcos, José Llinares and many others.

Finally, my total recognition and gratitude to a family that is my greatest support and motivation. I am extremely fortunate to have you with me.