Vídeo marketing Dictionary

Vídeo marketing Dictionary

Video content is becoming increasingly important in the online environment. Google shows it regularly in its results pages and social networks reward moving images over static ones. Don’t get left behind and get up to date on video marketing with our dictionary.

Video marketing

Video Marketing is a marketing technique in which audiovisual material is used to promote a brand, service or product. Although video marketing is not an exclusive online marketing strategy, it has grown significantly thanks to the Internet and social networks: 9 out of 10 Internet users consume videos of the brands they follow on social […]

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is a system for monitoring user activity around your videos and YouTube channel. It is the heir to the old YouTube Insights, and since its launch in November 2011 its interface has undergone different variations until reaching the current one, integrated within YouTube’s main Control Panel, known as Creator Studio which is essential […]