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When you start a new business, one of the most difficult challenges is to make it known. This is the first step for users to get to know the products or services you offer, so that they may be interested in them and thus lead them to consume them. Traditional media such as radio, television or the press have always been chosen for this function, although their price was not suitable for modest businesses that cannot count on a large advertising budget. In addition, many times the performance was not as expected or it was not clear whether the promotion had been successful.

Publicizing a new business is one of the most difficult challenges in entrepreneurship.

Luckily we can now count on YouTube video advertising, which is a more economical and effective way to give visibility to a business. With video ads we can show a large audience what we offer and why they should buy from us. Unlike media advertising, video campaigns can be targeted to users who may potentially be interested in the promotion and we can also direct them to a web page where they can find more information and even purchase the product or service being offered.

video advertisement on YouTube

To explain how we can do the promotion, we have chosen as an example a technology products store on which we are going to base the rest of the article.

How to create videos

The creation of the videos is the first step to launch the campaigns and they will be used as advertisements. Once upon a time, video production was a difficult and costly process. Now, thanks to a multitude of online platforms, it is possible to create videos that, although they obviously cannot be compared to those of a professional, they can be used to show what products or services the business offers.

Some of these platforms are:

video creation web example

There are platforms that facilitate the creation of videos for promotions without having audiovisual knowledge.

Now all we have to do is choose which platform we are most interested in and start the creative process.

What videos can we create

As the main idea is to publicize the business, let’s see what videos would be interesting to create. For the technology store we have chosen as an example, we could make several videos, one presenting the store, its values, advantages, etc. and others of new products or promotions.

In this way, a video of between one and two minutes would be fine to show the information of the store, taking into account that it is very important to show the most relevant information, such as the logo that identifies the store, at the beginning of the video. and always within the first 30 seconds. This will ensure that the majority of users are impacted with the main ideas we want to convey and stay with the image of the brand.

It is essential to add the most important information at the beginning of the video so that it can be viewed by the majority of users.

example video ad

As far as product announcements, news or promotions are concerned, they will depend a lot on the possibilities offered by the business. If, for example, we are going to have a new video console model that usually has a lot of promotion by the brand, we can take advantage of it to make an announcement with a launch offer, pre-order or similar. Exclusive products or discounts can also provide good results.

Create campaigns and define segmentation

To create a video campaign we will start from the article How to create and manage campaigns in Google AdWords for video in which you can find all the information you need to start a campaign.

The idea is to create a campaign with several ad groups and segmentations, in which we will show the main presentation video.

We are going to pay special attention to the configuration of the segmentations since it is interesting to emphasize that it is important to test several types, in this way we will reach different audiences and we will be able to compare them to find the most suitable one. To do this we will create an ad group for each segmentation, for example one for market audiences interested in consumer electronics, which will show ads to users who have shown interest in this type of product.

market audience segmentation

And another group segmented by topic showing ads in videos related to consumer electronics. In principle, users who watch these videos will be interested in the products we sell in our technology store.

segmentation by theme

We will create another video campaign, in this case remarketing, in which we will show specific promotional videos to users who have previously seen our display ad. This way, when they see our video again, they will be more familiar with the brand, and will be more willing to watch the ad.

Keep in mind that in order for this campaign to be seen only by users who have viewed the previous ad, we will have to create a specific remarketing list and configure it in the campaign in “Targeting and bidding” mode.

remarketing example

Create reinforcement campaigns with remarketing

Additionally and to reinforce the video campaign so that we get more visits to our business, we can create a display campaign with remarketing that shows ads to users who have seen the ads. In this way we will make it easier for users to access our website and find the product or service we have shown them.

A display campaign with remarketing will help to attract users who have viewed the videos to the website.

It is very important that the graphic ads are very similar, in terms of image, to the videos we create. In this way it will be much easier for the user to recognize and associate the content thanks to its homogeneity and thus get more visits.

Results we can expect

Video campaigns will mainly achieve visibility and notoriety. It should be taken into account that the clicks to our website will be rather few, although we will later have the opportunity to impact these users again, as explained in the reinforcement campaign. As secondary results we will obtain:

  • Increased remarketing lists.
  • Low-priced visibility.
  • Increase in direct visits to the website.
  • Users that will recognize the brand more easily.

As you can see, we can achieve great visibility and notoriety with this type of campaign which, in a long-term marketing strategy, will help consolidate the brand within the market.

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